Thursday, July 07, 2011

Michelle Rowen: Books and cats

There's a cliché about single women who owns cats and read romance novels.

Well, I'm a single woman who owns cats and WRITES romance novels. And I definitely don't consider myself a cliché, thank you very much.

I have always owned cats my entire life, but they've always been extremely stand-offish and aloof. They prefer to hide, not liking to be petted, and only came out to be fed or to give me a slightly annoyed glance.

About four years ago that all changed. I acquired two cats about six months apart and while they couldn't be more different from each other, in the "friendly" category, they are really more like lap dogs.

Here, let me introduce you.

I got SPIKE from the Humane Society. In a Wal-Mart, no less. At the time I was looking for a cat for company in my new condo and, as a newly published paranormal author, I wanted it to be a black cat. Very fashionable. And there he was. I quickly learned that Spike had a couple key personality traits -- extreme need to be loved and petted and a talent for fetching bottle caps.

Since I still had a day job then, I knew a cat who needed a lot of attention (a lot), would need company during the day. SAMMY was soon acquired at a local pet shop. I know. I would have liked to go the Humane Society route again, but how could I say no to this face?

Quickly I learned that the tiny kitten joining the family was no pushover or typical "younger brother." Sammy, from day one, was a total alpha and he asserted his dominance over the much larger, much wimpier Spike. Still does. There is one difference though -- Spike is great with visitors and isn't shy at all. Sammy, the alpha, hides under the bed like a little furry scaredy-cat until any company leaves.

So these are my two furry babies and I love having them around when I'm writing (as long as the meowing doesn't get too loud).

They're as excited as I am about my brand new release, BLOODLUST, the second book in my Nightshade urban fantasy romance series that came out on Tuesday.

Okay, I'm lying. They can't read. But I sense their excitement anyway.

Happy Reading!

Michelle xoxo

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Na said...

Aww, adorable cats. Congratulations on the release of Bloodlust. I'm going to have to check it out =)

Estella said...

Beautiful babies!

ev said...

I have a white cat, with blue eyes and fangs, no less. His name is Spike. Guess you can't figure out which one!

marybelle said...

Very cute. Forget the cliche & enjoy I say.

Rachael Johns said...

Aw I am so a cat person too. Only this morning I was watching my two cats boss around the much larger Old English Sheepdog and thinking that a house is not a home without cats. I LOVE that they snuggle in bed, although my hubby wishes they'd sleep on the couch :)
I think it's fabulous that a paranormal author has a black cat. How cool!

Jo's Daughter said...

Adorable cats!!!! That picture where they hug each other... priceless :)

Tez Miller said...

Aw, they're HUGGING! :-)

daniel pattinson said...

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Ruth J. Hartman said...

You're not alone. I'm a romance author with cats, too :). Actually most of my books have cats in them. Does your book? Your babies are adorable!