Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zana Bell: Fantasy Jobs

“So what do you do?”

It’s one of the first questions we ask when meeting someone new. Why? Do our jobs define us? Certainly, we choose (or should choose) jobs that suit our personalities but after a while does the job also leave its patina upon us?

Choosing the right careers for heroes and heroines is vital. It’s also enormous fun. I indulge my fantasies and the research is pure pleasure. In my first book, Tempting the Negotiator, Sass is a New York lawyer come to negotiate a holiday resort in the exquisite Aroha Bay. Jake, a big-wave surfer, is out to stop all development as Aroha Bay is also the nesting area for the nearly extinct Fairy Tern.

Why a big wave surfer? I love surfers and their single-minded dedication to the joy of riding waves. Big-wave surfers are at the crazy, maverick end. It takes passion, commitment and yes, more than a dash of madness to throw heart and then body over waves as high as skyscrapers. Jake is therefore more than willing to wade fearlessly into battle against a huge multi-corporate. Failure is just not in his vocabulary.

Sass is his perfect foil. Her lawyer’s mind cuts through emotive arguments. She must see the big picture, not just the cause. But can she resist the surfer grin, the sheer joie de vivre of a man fresh from fantastic waves?

In my latest book, A Risk Worth Taking, Adam is a biker - a Texan cowboy on a steel steed. But he’s ready to leave his bad boy, stunt rider image behind and become a surgeon. Not such a reach as you might think. While these daredevils are adrenalin junkies, they are also coolheaded professionals. Their job entails calculation, precision, complete focus and commitment. Which are, of course, just some of the attributes of a surgeon.

Adam’s plan is right on track until he meets and falls for Cressa, who specialises in temporary jobs and short-term relationships, and who makes it very clear that bad and dangerous is exactly what she wants….

Tell me about your fantasy job and be in to win a copy of A Risk Worth Taking.

Zana Bell

***Zana picked CrystalGB as the winner!  Congratulations, Crystal!  Please contact Zana at with your full name and address so she can get the prize in the mail to you!***


scarlet wilson said...

Can I be an astronaut? Can I wear one of the suits and helmets and talk about 'lift off?
Truth be told I'd prefer a Star Trek style spaceship where you walk about as normal and say 'Engage!' but as we're not there yet, I'll climb in the suit!

marybelle said...

I would love to be a travel writer. To travel everywhere on someone elses funds. To see it all & immerse myself so that I had the material to write.


Zana Bell said...

Hey Scarlet, can I come too? Though if we are going spacewards, I think I'd go more for the Firefly adventure as I have a penchant for westerns.

Marybelle, definitely a more grounded yet still exotic choice. Yeah, to travel on someone else's money would be great - especially if that included first class.

Rachael Johns said...

I always wanted to be an actress or a newsreader!! I love choosing careers I'd like for my heroines. For instance, my debut heroine is a voice talent for audio books! Now that's a job I'd ADORE - imagine reading books all day for a living :)

Laney4 said...

I thought and I thought and I thought about a possible fantasy job, and all I could think was, "Who wants to work? I certainly don't!"

Be that as it may, I DO work from home, owning a typing/editing business. I enjoy it when I'm doing it, but I'd prefer not doing it at all. I would rather visit with relatives and friends, travel, and read tons more books along the way.

Kaelee said...

Hi Zana ~ I have both your books so no need to enter me in the draw.

I'd love to be a food critic. Eating out on an expense account would be fun. The fattening part of it would be the downside. My metabolism isn't as good as it used to be.

Jo's Daughter said...

I would love to be a vet! Care so much about animals it must be great to be able to heal them.

chey said...

I'd like to find a cure for cancer.

CrystalGB said...

I would love to be a professional chef with a successful restaurant,

Zana Bell said...

How lovely to wake up and find so many fascinating jobs waiting for me.

Rachel, I am addicted to audio books.Great idea for a heroine - I'll have to get hold of your book. Congratulations!

Zana Bell said...

Laney, a lady of leisure? I love it.

Kaelee, cool to see you pop up here. Crystal, you and Kaelee could get a good thing running between you with your fantasy jobs. And we all know that cookery books are the ones that become bestsellers for years.

Zana Bell said...

Chey, I couldn't agree more. I think cancer has probably touched all our lives one way or another.

Jo's daughter, you are obviously an animal lover. I once did an interview with a zoo vet - absolutely fascinating, with every day completely different.

Leni said...

My dream job would be a doctor. Not sure of what my training would be in, but that's been one of my dreams.

Zana Bell said...

Ah, you share a dream with my hero, Leni! It's great to have a job that helps other people.

Michele L. said...

Oh good question Zana!
I think I would love to be a famous artist! I love to draw, paint, make cards, scrapbook, anything artsy. To be a famous artist of something, would be a dream come true! Oh and to own my own scrapbooking store would be heaven! I just love all the papers, stamps, inks, doodads, ribbons, etc. that I think I would die the happiest lady on earth!
Oops that is two things. Oh well, ...I can dream, can't I? Ha,ha!
Have a fantastic weekend Zana and many hugs! The cover of your prize book is sure dreamy! Love it! Actually, I would love to be the lady next to that guy! giggle!

Zana Bell said...

Hey Michele

I love how wholeheartedly you embraced the topic. Artist-scrapbook-store-owner has a great ring to it.

I'm so sorry I can't get you into the cover with the dreamy guy (nice idea) but you'll definitely go into the draw for the book!

Zana Bell said...

The winner of "A Risk Worth Taking" is CrystalGB.

Many thanks to everyone for dropping by