Friday, June 17, 2011

Lisa Dale: Two Weeks Until The Big Day

Hi all!

Life's a bit frantic for me just now because my wedding is in just two weeks! If you wanted to see more pictures from my bridal shower, click here (and leave a comment to enter my love to readers prize!).

I have to admit; I'd thought that getting married would give me time to ponder my relationship with my fiance, time for reflection and thought...but instead, I'm running about--late for everything--and Matt and I barely say a word to each other that doesn't involve the wedding!

The good news is, if there was anyone I'd want to plan a wedding with, it would be him. We've been working side by side--Matt generously picking up the slack when I get surprised by unexpected deadlines or other emergencies.

Being this close to marrying the guy I love is a crazy time, but it's a blessing too. There's lots to do, and that's just how I like it.

And in other news: RWA is coming to New York! If you want to meet, I'll be at the Berkley book signing on Friday morning. Hope to see you then!

I'll post wedding pix once I'm back from the honeymoon!

Wishing you all good things,

Lisa Dale


marybelle said...

Here's wishing you the day of your dreams & happiness always.


Jo's Daughter said...

How exiting that your wedding is getting so close. I can imagine it's exhausting as well so lots of sleep and happiness to you both!

Melanie Milburne said...

Hope your wedding day is truly fabulous and memorable.
Best wishes!