Monday, March 07, 2011

Speed Dating at the Library -- Susanna Carr

Who knew your local librarian will also play matchmaker? According to The New York Times, libraries are trying to attract patrons who "came of age in the Age of the Internet." One way they are trying to get young professionals into the library is by hosting literary speed dating. Each participant brings their favorite book and spend a few minutes to chat about it until they have to rotate and move to a new station.

Can you imagine the deception and dishonesty? (Sorry, but I see the potential flaw in every plan. Just ask my family and friends. It's a blessing and a curse.)

But, seriously, how many men would bring an unread copy of Eat, Pray and Love, hoping to score? Sure, you could spot those guys quickly, but it might be a little more difficult to figure out that the guy with the copy of Romeo and Juliet never read it or saw the movie in his 9th grade English class.

And then there is the level of honesty on your part. What if your favorite book is a romance? Would you take a copy to a speed-dating event? I don't think I would. Not only would the romance reader have difficulty finding common ground with a guy who wouldn't have read anything like it, but some men get a little uncomfortable (or immature) with romance fiction.

But then, watching them squirm could be highly entertaining.

I know it's been said that one's bookshelf reveals a lot about a person, but I don't think this applies in literary speed-dating. In those situations, the person has an ulterior motive in their choice of book. Some try to impress, some are trying to connect, and some choose a book because it represents something positive or interesting about them.

So... if I had to participate in a literary speed-dating event, my favorite book would depend on my attitude. I'd choose To Kill a Mockingbird if I wanted to play it safe and Gone with the Wind if I wanted to play. And if I was going to be completely honest? I'd take the romance I was currently reading and brace myself for long night.

What favorite book would you take to a literary speed-dating event?


Anonymous said...

I can't answer with one particular book because I read ALOT and have come across so many really good books I'd never be able to decide. So I would probably bring the book I was reading at that time. What I wouldn't do though is take a book trying to portray myself for something I'm not (like no book on politics or the Stock market cuz no way do I read about that stuff so already I wouldn't be showing who I am). Now having said that though I have to admit I would have no problem taking a romance novel but I'd leave to Erotica books at home cuz well let's be honest that could send a whole different kind of message hahaha! Oh and I have to agree that a man bringing a clearly new, unopened copy of a rather "girly" book would put up caution flags cuz I don't care if you really read them but if you don't and are just tryin to find an "in" then that's lame and a turn off, I'd rather have you be straight up and bring a book on Bull Riding or Football if that's what you like..that I can respect ;)

Nas Dean said...

I'd take the current romance that I'm reading, of course!

Susanna Carr said...

Yeah, I'd keep the erotica (and even the erotic romance) home because that would definitely send a whole different message. :)

Nas, love that you'd be completely honest -- but what if you didn't love the book?!

ev said...

Thank the gods I'm married!!