Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reviving Memories - Kate Walker

February has never been one of my favourite months. It's dark and damp and  - well, frankly, pretty dreary. Christmas is well behind you, the celebrations - and resolutions  - of New Year  are something of a hazy memory. And there are weeks and weeks  before Easter or anything  like that on the horizon.

But this year, February has been doing pretty well for itself. First of all, there's the fact that after the terrible snow we had through December and the danger and disappointments in trying to travel  about in it - friends had to cancel visits - we couldn't make it to visit family - even the tiny brightening of the weather, with the darkness of night  no longer descending  well before teatime,  is really welcome.

And then there are books -  for my ,money, books will always brighten a day or more! One of the very best things about being a writer is the publication of a band new title, one that has never been on the shelves before. I've got one of those coming up - The Proud Wife is my next Harlequin Presents release -  but that's not actually the one that's brightening my February.  No, the books that have been making me smile have been turning up like old memories, old friends, and I've been so happy to see them. 

For a start, there's the  special 3 in 1 Collection Mediterranean Tycoons  that  was published on February 1st.   Here's a book of mine that first came out in  2007 - The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife  rereleased in a brand-new form, and in great company too - there are books by Michelle Reid and Sarah Morgan in this volume too.

Then I've been receiving bundles of foreign language books - all of these are reprints, some old, some new - and the fun is in finding out just which book of mine has been translated, reprinted and rereleased in this new format.
For a start there's  the book that was shgort-listed for  Romantic Times Best Presents Extra Award for 2010 - The Konstantos Marriage Demand - only it doesn't say that on the cover  - either of them - of the two translations - no, three - one is Dutch, one Japanese and one Korean. (For two of them,  the Japanese and the Korean,  I had to look inside to see the original English title to know just which book I had in my hand.). There's  a Lithuanian edition of The Antonakos Marriage too.    The Antonakos Marriage first appeared in 2005, so we're going even further back.   But not quitre as far down memory lane as the German translation I've been sent - that one is  Her Secret Bridegroom which was first published back in  2001! That's ten years ago.

That had to be the oldest title currently being reprinted, I thought,  but no - there was one more book in the box. Another one from Japan. And this time it was a reprint of The Unexpected Child  which was first published in 1997!  That means that it's 14 years since I wrote this  book - no - 15, because of course I wrote it some time before it  was actually published.  And still it keeps coming back, being reprinted,  hopefully being enjoyed by a brand new set of readers.

And that started me thinking about the books I have coming out this year - starting with The Proud Wife  - and another coming in September.  And  of course the one I'm writing now.  Will they still be being reprinted, still reappearing on my desk in different editions, different translations in - eeek - in  2025!   I wonder what sort of a life I'll be living then - and what sort of a world those books will be published in. Wll there only be ebook readers then? Or will the traditional paper and print volumes still exist?   And as the book I'm writing now will be my 60th title in 25 years - so how many books will I have produced 15 years from now?

One thing I think is that when that 2025 rolls around, I hope I'm still enjoying  reading and writing romances as much as I do now - and I wonder if I'll remember writing this post then!

As I know that  the 3 in 1 volume Mediterranean Tycoons isn't available outside the UK (though you can get yourself a copy  from The Book Depository if you can't live without it)  I thought I'd run a small giveaway this month  - so  I'm offering a copy of Mediterranean Tycoons to someone who posts a comment today.  Tell me what book from the past you'd love to get your hands on again - a romance   or any other novel. Post your comments  as usual and I'll get Sid the Cat on the job of picking a winner tomorrow.

Oh - and seeing as I was talking about the book that's coming out soon - The Proud Wife - that won't be available in Presents Extra until April - but if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning it, check out my blog or my web site Contest page where Anne McAllister, Liz Fielding and I are running  for the fourth time our annual Here Come the Grooms Contest with the chance to win 3 great romances , one from each author.

You can keep up to date with all my news and every new book I have  coming out over there too.

The winner of ther copy of Mediterranean Tycoons is pageturner  - please email me kate AT   with your postal address.   Thanks!


Laney4 said...

Hey there, Kate!

I hope your weekend has been going well. That guy on the cover of your MT book looks familiar; I think there's an actor who looks like him, but I can't recall his name. (Heck. I can't recall what I had for supper last night, so go figure!)

As for your question, there IS one book I'd like to have back again. It's GYPSY by Lesley Pearse. It's a little longer than I'm used to (516 pages) but kept me reading with all of its twists and turns. A girlfriend insisted I read hers a couple of years ago, so it's out of sight but not out of mind.

So, Kate, what book would YOU like to get your hands on (not including your own, of course).

Nas Dean said...

Hello Kate,

Congratulations on the 60th Book! I hope many more books will keep coming.

Ok, I hope I get one of your older books, maybe twenty year back one. As I have been reading all your new books, I'd like to try a really old one.

Anyway, all the best with all the re-releases!

Estella said...

Would love to get a copy of Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small.

Congrats on your 60th book!

Kaelee said...

This is a book that I've read but it was a borrowed book. Kelly Hunter's Wife For a Week ~ a HP extra from 2007. It was the first story of the Bennett family and I have the other four books. I know it's not a really old book and I do have hopes of getting it.

There are quite a few Mary Burchell titles that I don't have in my collection. I've been managing to find some of your older titles Kate and that makes me happy as well.

Pat Cochran said...

So many of the early authors for
M&B and Harlequin, I would love
to get a copies of their works!
They are gone and so many of their books are too!

Best Wishes on the 60th book!

Pat Cochran

Kirsten said...

Hi Kate,

Emma Darcy's Blind date is on my list of books I would love to read again. Do't remember the whole story anymore but it was one I then adored so, would be nice to see if it's still a favorite.


pageturner said...

One that has long since been lost, from my childhood - 'Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard'. It was the most beautiful edition, with lovely plates, and bound in soft fawn leather. I loved it.

pageturner said...

One that has long since been lost, from my childhood - 'Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard'. It was the most beautiful edition, with lovely plates, and bound in soft fawn leather. I loved it.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kate, you're right Feb here is Seattle is either rain or fog but your covers cheer me up, especially the "old" Proud Wife.

I always look forward to your trio contest each year.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Laney
You're about the 4th person to say that that guy looks familiar - but no one seems to know who he is! I've met Lesley Pearse at RNA meetings, but I've never read that book.

What book would I like to get my hands on . .. Funny you should ask that! I'll answer your question over on my blog this week!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Nas - I'm honoured that you'd want to find some of my older books. If I find any decent copies in second hand shops, I sometime pick them up - you've given me an idea for a great contest. If I can collect some 'golden oldies' I could offer them as prizes!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Estella - now that's a book that's new to me. In fact, I've never read any Bertrice Small - I'll have to look it - and her - up

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kaelee - I remember Kelly's first book. I read it too and I remember thinking what a great voice she had. She's gone on to write some great books. I hope you find a copy - I don't know if it was brought out as an ebook but it was reprinted in a collection called After Hours: Boardroom Bargains which you can find on the Mills & Boon Web site and maybe on Amazon

Kate Walker said...

Pat - I agree about collecting some of the older bokos by authors who are no longer here. I do have some old M&B books - a friend of my mother wrote for them as Margaret Baumann and I have some fo her books

Kate Walker said...

Kirsten - I remember Blind Date! I loved that book too - now you've made me want to read it all over again.

Kate Walker said...

Oh pageturner - I feel for you about the loss of that precious book. It sounds beautiful - and I know how it feels to remember special books like that and not be able to get hold of them again

Kate Walker said...

Hi Marilyn - do you like the USA or the UK cover of The Proud Wife best? They are very very different. I know a lot of people who enjoy the Here Come The Grooms contest.

Now I need to get Sid the cat to pick a winner