Sunday, February 13, 2011

Never Ending Stories - Christina Hollis

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone, reviewers and readers allike, who have said such nice things about my latest Harlequin Presents Extra release,  The Master of Bella Terra. We were snowed in for nearly three weeks, and getting so many lovely messages throughout those dark days over New Year and through January really cheered me up. Internet links with so many lovely people around the world really kept cabin fever at bay!

 This week I got the good news that another Christina Hollis book has been accepted by Harlequin Mills and Boon. The Weight Of The Crown will be published in the autumn, and it's  a bit different from the European-based romances I usually write. This book is set in the beautiful little desert country of Rosara, whose regent, Lysander, is drawn to the one woman in the world who fights his animal attraction - she's a challenge Lysander can't resist! Alyssa arrives to work as nanny to Lysander little nephew. Her staid, sensible fiance recently left her for another woman, so she's convinced she'll never  fall for a man with Lysander's playboy reputation in a million years. She won't give in, but Lysander won't give up - so something (or someone!) has to change.

I loved having the freedom to invent my own country for Lysander to rule, but I wouldn't want to live in a desert land like Rosara.  My heart will always be in England, despite the recession and some awful weather here over the last few years.  When it's grey outside and the newspapers are full of doom and gloom,  it's hard to remember that things will improve and the sun will come back one day. At times like that I bring in a few sprigs of winter honeysuckle and viburnum from the garden and settle down in front of the fire with a cup of tea, something sweet and a stack of romances. It's the perfect antidote to real life!


Kaelee said...

I always like to come inside after shoveling snow and curl up with a good book. I live in Canada and our winter has been so so this year at least where I live. I like living in a country with four seasons ~ just wish summer was the longest one.

I love invented countries in books. I am intrigued by how many different forms of them come up and what types of government they have. The settings also are neat.

Christina Hollis said...

Hi Kaelee, I enjoy four seasons, too, although when we've had a long gloomy winter like this one, it's lovely to revel in stories drenched in sun!

Michele L. said...

Hi Christina,

Lovely name by the way! I have a cousin that goes by the name of Tina. Your book sounds amazing! Wow, that is so fun to be able to create your own country as the backdrop for your story.

The weather in my area has been non-stop snow and extreme cold. This week we are having a warming trend. Hopefully, a lot of the snow and ice will melt and I can at least get my driveway back. It has been so deep with snow that we have only been able to shovel it halfway. Not fun trudging the snow to get to the car.

Stay warm everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks for your comment, Michelle! Take care shovelling that snow - isn't it odd that something so beautiful can take so long to shift, and yet can vanish overnight if there's a simple change in the weather?

And Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, too - OH and I are both on diets, so there'll be cards and kisses, but a sad lack of anything chocolately...:(

desere_steenberg said...

Lovely post thank you for sharing Christina the book was really wonderfull !

Elanor said...

Hey Christina, congrats on the new book - it sounds wonderful! How much detail did you have to go into when making up Rosara? Did it become a third character or was it always just 'background noise'? xXx

Nas Dean said...

Hi Christina,

Congrats on getting good reviews for The Master of Bella Terra.

ANd we shall all be eagerly waiting for the new release of The Weight Of The Crown! With it's inventd country!

Christina Hollis said...

Hi Desere - thanks for dropping by. I'm really glad you enjoyed The Master of Bella Terra!

Christina Hollis said...

Hi Elanor- great to 'see' you here. I wanted to keep the focus on Lysander and Alyssa, but love for Rosara was such a fundamental part of their relationship, little details were threaded all through the narrative. It was a lovely job!

Christina Hollis said...

Hi Nas it's lovely to 'hear' from you. Thanks for your good wishes- I really hope you enjoy 'The Weight of The Crown' when it comes out!