Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy February! - Jasmine Haynes

I have to admit that I’m not very romantic. I write romance, but I’m not romantic, can you believe that! Gosh, I probably shouldn’t admit that! But my husband and I just don’t do anything for Valentines.

So how about all of you. Are you a romantic? Do you celebrate Valentines? Or am I alone in my bah-humbugdom? Leave a comment, and your email address so I can contact you, and I’ll enter you in a drawing for Unlaced. Now that’s a very pretty Valentines-looking book!

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Jasmine Haynes said...

Happy Tuesday!

Rebekah E. said...

My husband and I don't celebrate V-Day. Half of the time we can't remember our Anniversary.

Jasmine Haynes said...

LOL, Rebekah, you're like me! Sometimes my husband has to remind me it's our anniversary!

Linda Henderson said...

Well I'm divorced and don't have anyone to give me anything romantic for Valentines Day. I settle for valentines from my grandkids and those are great.

seriousreader at live dot com

greenduckie13 said...

I'm not romantic at all.
greenduckie13 at gmail dot com

Laney4 said...

Hey there, Jasmine!
Please don't enter me in your draw. I have this beautiful book in my TBR pile (to hopefully read soon).
Just wanted to weigh in on these Valentine's questions.
I would say I'm NOT a romantic.
No, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.
We "celebrate our love" whenever an opportunity arises (so to speak, LOL). It could be a glance across the room ... unspoken words ... a pat on the butt in passing ... or perhaps that moment at around 4:30 pm when supper hasn't been started, and I stand there with my hands on hips thinking about the possibilities, perhaps staring into the fridge or freezer, and then I hear, "How about we go out for supper?" Romance takes on many forms, just not on one specific day.
seytype at hotmail dot com

Lil said...

My husband converted me from being non-romantic and for Valentine's day he ropes in the kids to help him make dinner and then the kids act as wait staff/dj's. I can't tell you how it felt the first time they did this, the children were in second and third grade, I think. It has become something of an annual tradition.

Caroline said...

Great cover - love it! The DH and I normally celebrate V Day by giving each other cards and maybe, a takeaway - not exactly romantic but it suits us! This year may be different though - we've booked our removal van for V day as we are moving house on that day. If nothing else, it's going to be a stressful day - lol! Caroline x storercaroline45(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot))uk

Michele L. said...

I am hopelessly a romantic at heart. My hubby always gives me a big sloppy kiss, a dinner at a nice restaurant and definitely some along time with him!

Happy February 1st! Happy Valentine's day early! Have a great week!


Jasmine Haynes said...

Well, it looks like we've got about half and half romantics versus not. Which is all great! Thanks for sharing the stories. And gosh, I'm so glad to hear the hubbies get in on the fun, too!

I like what you said, Laney, that while you might not celebrate Valentines, you celebrate your love in other ways. Wonderful!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing!

Nas Dean said...

If nothing else, I can expect a bottle of wine and a big packet of Cadbury from my husband on Valentines Day!

Rebekah E. said...

I forgot to add my email address.

Nas Dean said...

I forgot to add my email address:

Pat Cochran said...

We are absolute romantics, but our
main celebration on Valentine's Day
is always son David's February 14

Pat Cochran

Jasmine Haynes said...

thanks for adding the emails, it helps in contacting.

the Cadbury sounds wonderful, Nas. As does a nice celebration for your son's birthday, Pat. I'm sure your hubby will make it romantic later!

ev said...

My b'day is right after V'day so sometimes we combine the two. Ours usually consist of silly cards and chocolate- esp choc covered strawberries for me. And he doesn't even try to eat them on me!! From me he gets choc covered cherries. I do steal them sometimes. He's diabetic. LOL

Estella said...

Valentine's Day is just another day in our household.

Don't enter me in the contest---I already have the book.

kissinoak at frontier dot com

runner10 said...

I've been married for twenty years. We don't do anything for V'Day. Not very romantic.

I love the cover!

Leni said...

I'm a romantic at heart, but reality takes over and I focus more on that.

pageturner said...

My husband is a bah humbug type, so I don't get much for Valentine's Day - I usually buy myself something I'd like!

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thanks everyone for sharing all your stories. Sounds like we all enjoy in some way, even if we have to buy a gift for ourselves!

I'm off to pick the random winner of Unlaced. back in a few with the announcement!

Jasmine Haynes said...

And congratulations, the winner of Unlaced is Pageturner!

I will send you an email to the address you gave.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing!