Monday, January 24, 2011

Turn the heating up - Sarah Morgan

We’re in the middle of winter here and it’s been a cold one. Apparently we had the coldest December for 100 years. I don’t mind too much because I love snow. Of course it’s not great when you’re trying to get somewhere, but if I’m working at home or I’m on holiday, snow is fine with me. It’s pretty and there’s something cozy about looking at snow-laden trees while curled up in front of the flickering flames of a real fire. And yes, I think snow can be romantic. But all things considered I think I’ve had enough of the cold for now and I’m looking forward to summer. I want to see the sun.

The heroine of my latest release Bella and The Merciless Sheikh (called Bella’s Disgrace in the UK) is seeing rather too much of the sun right now. She’s trapped in the scorching hot desert with a moody Sheikh for company and she is in big trouble. Used to getting everything her own way, bad Bella (she’s the first really bad heroine I’ve written and boy did I have fun) uses every skill at her disposal to manipulate serious, disciplined Zafiq. And fails. She’s met her match. For once, she isn’t the one in control and the heat really is on.

If you’re in the mood for some desert heat then you can read an extract on my website

Meanwhile, keep warm!



Estella said...

Sounds very good!

Sarah Morgan said...

Hopefully it will warm people up Estella :)

TashNz75 said...

Great extract thank you, makes you want to turn to the next page :D Will be looking for it on the shelves at my local shop :)))

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Sarah, waving and sending hugs. As you know from some of my posts Bellea was one of my favorite Balfour sisters. I loved how she grew up, her courage and determination to suceed. She brought her arrogant sheikh to his knees.

Pat Cochran said... you think Bella might
trade her sheik and warm sunshine
for some of our cold weather? I'll
consider making such a trade for
a little while, I'm so tired of all
the cold! And we haven't even had
any of the snow and ice!!

Pat Cochran

Sarah Morgan said...

TashNz75, hope you manage to track it down!

Marilyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed Bella - I did have such a lot of fun writing that book :) xx

Sarah Morgan said...

Pat, I feel the same way. Bella is sick of all that sand (plays havoc with hair) but I'm sick of the snow and the cold so at the moment I'd settle for gritty hair. Hope some warmth comes your way soon!

desere_steenberg said...

Sounds simply stunning Sarah !!!

Sarah Morgan said...

Hi Desere, well Bella was definitely the naughtiest heroine I've written!

Nas Dean said...

Sounds wonderful and I love the hot Sheik stories!

Sarah Morgan said...

Thanks for dropping by Nas. Glad you love Sheikh stories too!