Monday, January 10, 2011

Tired of Winter? - Joan Kilby

Cold and snow getting you down? Feel like a little Australian sunshine to get you through the dark days of January? Take a trip to the seaside with HER GREAT EXPECTATIONS, the first book in my Summerside Stories trilogy from Harlequin Superromance.

Okay, a travel agent I'm not. But who can resist a beach shot in the middle of winter? Especially when the hero, Jack, could pass as George Clooney's younger brother. Jack is in denial about deep and tragic things but he's having a pretty great laidback Aussie life, anyway, ignoring his pain. Sienna, the well-meaning new GP in town, tries to fix him, which only shows up the cracks in her fa├žade of perfection.


The doorbell rang just as Jack was sprinkling a generous handful of fresh coriander over the bubbling curry. He carried the brimming wok to the table where fat brown candles glowed either side of a bowl of floating gardenias.

He strode down the hall and swung open the door. "Hi--“ he began. Then was lost for words.

The woman from the grocery store stood on his doorstep.

Only it wasn't her.

Her gloriously wild hair was tamed into a tightly pinned knot at her nape. She wore a black cocktail dress, high heels and pearls. God forbid he of all people should judge by appearances but this woman was not the same one he'd invited to dinner in the grocery store.

"My plans fell through...." She trailed off. The nervous smile on her carefully made-up face froze. Unease radiating from her in waves, she presented him with a bottle of red wine. "This isn't very suitable for curry. I didn't stop to get another bottle since it's already after nine and you said--"

"It's okay. I mean, thanks. Come in," he said finally, recovering his manners just this side of rudeness. "It's great you could make it." He stepped back to let her inside. "Er, I never did catch your name."

HER GREAT EXPECTATIONS stands alone, as do the other books in the trilogy featuring Jack's sisters, IN HIS GOOD HANDS and TWO AGAINST THE ODDS. A running subplot through the three books depicts the ups and downs of Jack's parents' marriage. If you worry because his mother and father end on a down note in the first book, read on.

You can find out more about HER GREAT EXPECTATIONS and my other books at

Okay, back to beaches. My idea holiday is to snorkel on a coral reef all day and then eat seafood and drink champagne while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Where in the world would you go for a beach holiday if you could hop a plane tomorrow?

Please leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of my January release, Her Great Expectations!

***Joan picked Kaelee as her winner!***


ev said...

Anywhere? I would actually head to Australia. One of these days I will get there, hopefully without the flooding.

Can I just remark that I have never seen hair blow that way?

Joan Kilby said...

Hi ev, yes the flooding in Queensland is awful, the worst on record. My heart goes out to the people up there.

Re the hair blowing. I know! It's very odd. Especially as in the book, she's got the curly hair, not him. Cover artists mostly do a pretty good job but sometimes the picture doesn't quite match the author's version.

I just noticed Christina Hollis's blog from yesterday. Quite a coincidence that we both talked about finding some sunshine and warmth. Or maybe it's not so strange given the harsh northern winter this year. I hope you do make it to Australian sometime.


susanwilson44 said...

I would love to try Hawaii. Way out my price range but I can dream as I live in Scotland and it's snowing again!

Joan Kilby said...

Ahh, palm trees, the ukelele and that soft island breeze! So romantic. You'll get there one day, Susan.

Estella said...

The island of Maui!

Leni said...

I'd go somewhere in the Caribbean.

Joan Kilby said...

Estella, I agree, Maui is beautiful. Many years ago I had the good fortune to be invited to a Hawaiian family's Christmas on Maui.

Leni, I've never been to the Caribbean. It's on my Bucket List.

SiNn said...

hands down id go to Ireland because well its beautiful and its my fiancees home land where his family is from and where some still live

Pat Cochran said...

Hawaii or The Lido in Venice.
(Have been to Venice, but we never
got out to the Lido)

Pat Cochran

gigi said...

Any where it would have to be Hawaii.
I have never been there.
i have better access to the beaches in the panhandle of the gulf of Mexico but I think a trip to Hawaii would be glorious.

Kaelee said...

I want to go to the Canary Islands. I'd also like to see Australia and New Zealand but I will probably never get to any of them. Name an island and I'd like to visit it. I'm not a beach person as I live in landlocked Alberta, Canada but I love the beauty of the sea and mountains together. I've been to a few islands and enjoyed them all.

Joan Kilby said...

You ladies are making me want to go traveling! Ireland, Venice, Gulf of Mexico, Canary Islands all sound fabulous. My bucket list just got a little longer. Kaelee, if you like mountains and sea together you can't do much better than Vancouver, BC, my home town. But living now in Australia I've got to say the endless white sand beaches here are pretty amazing.

pageturner said...

To see the caribbean - pirates! Avid watching of the films has left me longing to see it all myself.

pageturner345 at

Joan Kilby said...

If all the pirates looked like Johnny Depp then yeah, I'd go for the Caribbean!

Thanks, everyone for stopping by. I hope you all get the holiday of your dreams, with the man of your dreams.

I'll be drawing a name for the winner of a copy of Her Great Expectations in the next day or two. The result will be posted at the bottom of this blog.

Kaelee said...

Joan ~ Vancouver Island is a favorite of ours. We have also been lucky enough to get to All the Maritime provinces. The Cabot Trail on Cape Briton Island is AWESOME.

Joan Kilby said...

Kaelee, Cape Breton Island is beautiful. I lived in Halifax for a couple of years while going to university. A friend had a sailboat and we sailed to Cape Breton. I would like to do the Cabot Trail someday. Alberta has some beautiful country, too. I love the foothills and the badlands around Drumheller.

Joan Kilby said...

We have a winner! Congratulations, Kaelee! I used the very scientific method of putting all the names in a hat (or in this case a plastic ice cream tub) and having my son make the draw.

Kaelee, if you would like to send me your snail mail address I'll send you a copy of Her Great Expectations.

Kaelee said...

Wow! Thanks Joan. I'll get an email sent off to you. I'm going to enjoy finding out what you did in the third grade.LOL