Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tawny’s Top Ten reasons for Writing

by Tawny Weber

edit: AND THE WINNER IS: LINDA HENDERSON!! Linda, drop me an email with your shipping info and which book you'd like!!

Woot! It’s party time. I’m celebrating my tenth book this week!! BREAKING THE RULES is a February Harlequin Blaze release and I’m super excited. I started writing nine years ago dreaming about having one book published, so ten is like a mega dream with lots of extra glittery sparkles and fireworks. While I was mulling this achievement (and giggling a lot), I started thinking of all the reasons I love to write – and I came up with the following list:

Tawny’s Top Ten Reasons for Writing
• I can do it in my jammies
• I get to focus lots and lots of attention on sexy guys
• The voices in my head have an outlet
• Happy Ever After is my business
• My husband get’s a lot of high-fives after people read my books
• I get to control my own little world
• I can do it from home, with my kids screaming around me
• When I talk to myself, people think I’m being creative
• I’m spreading the message of love
• Awesome people read my books

How about you? If you write, what’s your number one reason? Better yet, what’s your number one reason for reading romance?

To celebrate the release of BREAKING THE RULES, I’m giving away some Valentine’s treats to one Tote Bag commenter today! A hand-crafted (by me) heart-shaped tin filled with candy, and a book of the winner’s choice from my backlist!

What do you get when you mix a military hero on a mission with an independent artist hell-bent on proving something? A battle that can only be won between the sheets.

Sophia Castillo is finally calling the shots in her life, and she’s determined to stay in charge. The last thing she needs is a babysitter. Not even a babysitter as sexy as US Army Sergeant First Class and EOD Squad Leader, Maximillian St. James. But when someone is sabotaging her art gallery, she turns to Max for help. When he proves to be a challenge to her independence, she lays down their relationship rules. Hot sex, good times and a lot of laughs are all good. Anything involving their hearts is strictly off limits. Before they catch the vandal, Max and Sophia both have to decide just which rules they are willing to break, and how high a price they are willing to pay.

Be sure and check out my upcoming party!

Valentines Party!

I’m so excited that my tenth release, BREAKING THE RULES, is on shelves now! I loved writing this story, because it focuses on something near and dear to my heart – a Military Hero (my own hero-hubby was in the Army). Even more fun was making this a Valentine’s story, complete with hearts and flowers.

To celebrate, I’m having an invitation-only Valentine’s Day Party! Including:

  • A downloadable short story written just for this party as a door prize for everyone who attends
  • A sexy Top Ten to wind up my Top Ten tour: Ten Tips for a Hot Valentine’s Night
  • One lucky person will win a Valentine’s Basket!

All you have to do to join the fun is go to the Breaking the Rules Valentines Party page on my website, and RSVP!


Rebekah E. said...

My number 1 reason for reading romance is that I love to go to another place and escape my reality for a little while. The best thing about romance is that there are so many options. I can have scarry, suspense, funny, heartbreaking, I can even go to the future and the past. In romance the options seem endless.

Lil said...

I am a happily married woman and am not likely to go through the initial excitement of getting to know, becoming attracted and falling in love, again. I love re-living the sensations of it vicariously if that makes any sense.

Lois said...

Well, for the romance of course! LOL :) But also, I like reading something where I know what's going to happen. I mean, we know hero/ine mentioned on the back cover are going to get together. So we know how the book is ultimately going to end -- but it's the journey that we're reading for. And the romance (and okay, sex too! LOL) along the way. :)


CrystalGB said...

Congrats on your 10th release.
I love to read romance because you get to 'travel' to different places and experience an amazing love story with a happy ending. Can't get better than that.

Michele L. said...

Hi Tawny,

Valentine Party! Woohoo! Sounds fun!

Wow! A big congrats on your 10th book!

My idea of reading a romantic book is for the enjoyment of reading something happy. Life is full of so many dissapointments and people can make you mad. So to read a book is like a personal lift to the libido. Rejuvenation of the spirits. Ah...take me away!

Tawny said...

Rebekah, great reasons to love romance :-0 I think the escape is one of the greatest indulgences I give myself. And yes, the variety and possibilities are endless in this genre. There's a romance to fit every mood, isn't there? :-)

Tawny said...

Lil, WOW! I hadn't thought about that aspect of reading romances, but you are so right!! That revisit into the thrill of falling, the excitement and scary challenges of figuring out if he's the right one, and the delight of that first I Love You.


Tawny said...

I hear ya, Lois :-) That romance is hard to resist LOL, but the story really is what it's all about. I remember a criticism I'd heard when I was young and buying a huge bag of romances - my uncle asked why bother with so many, since they all end the same. I responded that I knew all our lives would end in death, but I was pretty sure it was worth paying attention to see what happens before 'the end'. It really is all about that story!!

Tawny said...

Thank you so much, Crystal :-)

And that traveling is fabulous, isn't it? I've been to so many countries -and times- without leaving my house, all through the wonders of great books.

Tawny said...

Hi Michele :-D And thank you - I'm super jazzed about Breaking the Rules! And about the Valentines party, too LOL. It should be a lot of fun.

What a great ode to reading romance! You're right, there is something hopeful about them, isn't there? Even though there is conflict and stress and often the same disappointments we might have in our own lives, the happy ending and falling in love hope of the story gives us that same uplifted feeling that whatever the problem is, it will work out happy in the end.

desere_steenberg said...

What a stunning post thank you for sharing with us Tawny ,and a Valentines party whoo whoo !!

Number one reason for reading is I just getting lost a whole different world that the writer takes me to. I can imagine the characters faces based on the description which is so much more fun that just seeing it so easily on a movie. I can imagine the locations in my minds eye and get transported to that setting but just reading!

Thank you for sharing your post with us and thank you for the great contest those treat boxes are adorable !

All the best

petite said...

Thanks for this lovely post. I enjoy romance for the emotions that occur throughout the book, the characters and their lives which are always fascinating and for the priviledge of being able to transport myself to another realm, era and locale.

Leni said...

I read romance because the stories are well-written with interesting characters and it's a nice form of entertainment. Also, love all of the sub-genres that are out there.

Karin* said...

I just came by to give you sloppy hugs and kisses!


Karin* aka Harlow!

Johanna R Jochum said...

My number one reason is to escape! I'm a busy mom with two little girls and a husband who acts like my 3rd kid! LOL! Reading makes me escape just for a few hours at night with a hot bath and a cold drink nothing could be better! Thanks for sharing!


traveler said...

My number one reason for reading romance would be to be inspired and uplifted by this wonderful form of entertainment. It is my ultimate enjoyment.

Jane said...

Hi Tawny,
Congrats on the new release. I'm a reader, not a writer. I love the story lines where the good and deserving always persevere through love.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Tawny! Waving hi :) I read romance to enjoy the journey with another couple and to enjoy that renewal of hope and belief in love.

Looking forward to your party...

ev said...

I read to escape and romance and sci-fi/fantasy in all their genres have always been my outlets. Along with comic books.

There are worse things in life.

Can't wait for Feb!

Dina said...

I'm not a writer but wish I had the talent too, I know it's hard work but makes people happy. someday maybe, lol

Estella said...

Being an old married lady I love reading about the meeting , and then the falling in love in a romance book.

SiNn said...

bows to the romance goddes Tawny my top 3reasons i like romance

3. I can go from break upto make up in a few short pages and minutes

2.All the men r flawed and know it and the women usually rock

and the number one reason I love romance
At the end of the day Love is revealed someone is happier then before and it always puts a smail on my face

Tawny said...

Hi Desere :-)

Thank you, tremendously! I hope you'll hit the party with me *g*

What a fabulous description - to get lost in a whole different world. I think that's what every writer hopes for, to draw the reader into the world of their story.

Tawny said...

Hi Petite :-)

A great book really pulls at our emotions, doesn't it. That's what I always look for when I read, to emotionally connect and get hooked on rooting for the character's lives.

Tawny said...

Hi Leni :-)

What a great list of reasons to love romance :-) And you're right about the plethora of wonderful varieties of romance- really, is there a sub-genre that doesn't tie in with romance? I can't think of one.

Tawny said...

Heheeeheee Karin ;-)

Slurpy kisses and sloppy hugs right back atchya!!!

Kaelee said...

I can't think of a reason that someone else hasn't given. Let's just say I read them for all of the above reasons. My own number one reason is they lift me up and give me joy.

Tawny said...

Woot, let's hear it for escape, Johanna! Is there a better way to relax that with a good book, I think not :-) I love that image - the hot bath (with bubbles) and cold drink (with bubbles?)

Tawny said...

Hi Traveler :-)

GREAT reasons - I hope you are finding a lot of uplifting and entertaining books to enjoy ;-)

Tawny said...

Hi Jane :-)

Wow, I hadn't even thought about perseverance but what a wonderful layer that adds to our reading enjoyment of watching the characters find love.

Tawny said...

Hey there, Fedora :-) *waving back* Isn't the journey awesome?! And it's different for every single couple, which makes reading tons and tons of romances an always fun prospect LOL

Tawny said...

Hi Ev :-)

I love comic books! And I'm a huge fantasy reader, although not as heavy on the sci-fi in recent years :-) It's all great, isn't it?! But for me, I always come back to romance. Just the promise of a love story, however slight, will keep me reading :-)

And as you say, there are definitely worse things!

Tawny said...

Hi Estella :-) Oooh, the first meet. Sparks, excitement, possibilities. It's fabulous, isn't it. Like you, I'm a big fan of that first moment, then in watching how it plays out for the rest of the story.

Tawny said...

ROFL SiNn ;-) Goddess indeed *g*

I'm loving your list!! You're so right on all three. and anything that puts a smile on your face is a good thing to enjoy - a LOT!!

Tawny said...


All of the above, plus uplifted joy are pretty awesome reasons :-D

Tawny said...

Hi Dina.

Do you want to write? You're right about it being hard work, but with that goal of bringing people joy and wanting to share the message of love, it sounds like you'd have fabulous motivation to get started :-) I hope you'll try, if it's something you're wanting to do!!!

Linda Henderson said...

I love reading about the happily ever afters. I've been married and divorced twice so I didn't get mine. I also like to travel through books. I have severe RA so traveling is not much of an option for me so I do my traveling through books.

desere_steenberg said...

Thank you Tawny but it is I that should say thank you to yourself and every other romance writer out there for writing,without the books I could not get lost in a new world !

All the best

ps I am definitely joining the party!

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Tawny,

It's not Calgon, but reading that
takes me away! I can visit dif-
ferent countries, share the loves
and lives of others, and relive the
days long past. Especially if there
is a "one who got away!" All this while snuggled up next to my Honey,
from whom I would never part.

BTW, I'm happy to see Sophia's last
name, it's not often seen. It was
my maiden name!

Nas Dean said...

My reason for reading romance is that I love to escape my reality for a little while. Reading makes me escape the mundane and live my life with the h/h for a while.

Virginia said...

I read romance to travel. I travel all over the world in books. I also helps me escape the real world that we live in.

Virginia said...

I read romance to travel. I travel all over the world in books. I also helps me escape the real world that we live in.

Tawny said...

Hi Linda :-)

I love happy ever after, too. And isn't the power of the word fabulous that we can see new countries and other times so easily in the pages of a book?!

Sending you happy ever after wishes and hope you're feeling well!!!

Tawny said...

Aww, Desere, you rock :-)


Tawny said...

Hi Pat!

How cool that you and Sophia have the same last name. It's a gorgeous name.

LOL about Calgon. Romance is it's own flow away and relax event, isn't it. I love your description, especially the cuddling part :-)

Tawny said...

Escape is wonderful sometimes, isn't it Nas! Its such a wonderful way to relax.

Tawny said...

Hey there, Virginia :-)

The real world definitely needs escaped from sometimes, doesn't it?! And I'm with you, books are a fabulous travel tool :-)

desere_steenberg said...

Thank you Tawny