Monday, January 31, 2011

Say What? - Lynn Raye Harris

Dear Reader:

As a relatively new Harlequin author, I've been so excited every time I realize one of my books has been translated into another language. It's almost like being published all over again -- though not quite. ;)

Even more exciting is when a reader from another country contacts me to say how much she enjoyed my book. I always wonder how the translation differs from what I wrote in English, but how can I ask that? I can't, of course; I have to be happy with the knowledge that someone enjoyed my book and hope it still says what I think it says. *g*

Another thing about translations that interests me are the variety of covers. Sometimes my cover is changed. Other times it remains the same. I never know why.

The cover above (left) is for The Prince's Royal Concubine, but it was actually Penny Jordan's cover first. In Brazil, Robyn Donald and I share the cover for our two royal themed stories. (I have to admit I coveted this cover when I first saw it with Penny's name on it!)

Here's the original North American cover (right). As you might imagine, this cover was not so popular in some countries. :)

India changed it altogether. So did Italy.

India preferred a man in uniform. I kind of liked that. :)

Italy went with the tropical island theme.

Japan has now entered the fray as well. Their idea is totally different than either of these two. I have no idea what it says, but I love it!

So, same book, five different covers thus far. And I'm pretty pleased with all of them! What do you think? Do you like one of these better than the others? I have to say that the Brazilian cover and my original cover most closely fit the image of the hero and heroine that I had in mind when I wrote.

All the best,

Lynn Raye Harris writes glamorous, sexy romance for Harlequin Presents and Mills & Boon Modern. Her latest UK release, Prince Voronov's Virgin, was the Mills & Boon Book of the Month for January. So far, this book has spent 5 weeks on the M&B bestseller list -- 3 of those weeks at #1! Lynn's next North American release is The Devil's Heart in April, followed by the NA release of Prince Voronov's Virgin, retitled Behind the Palace Walls, in June in Presents EXTRA.

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ev said...

Hm..I'm kind of partial to some man titty myself but I do like the one from India. Actually they are all very nicely done, but I think it's the combination of the purple dress (my fave color and I love the style) and the uniform, which would draw my eye too.

It's going to be interesting to see where else they publish it, won't it?

Kaelee said...

I like them all. I think the top one has an edge on the others. It is so interesting to see all the different covers. I can see why the original cover might offend people in some countries. Thanks for posting them.

I have always wondered about how books translate. I know other authors have had their books translated to French (next up for this book maybe?) and have asked about having it read and compared on other sites. So far I haven't read any comparisons though.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Ev! Thanks for commenting. I do like the uniform cover. I like them all, LOL! I forgot to include the Russian cover, but it's the same as the NA cover. Also, Australia and the UK kept it the same too. But I keep an eye out and wonder how they'll change it elsewhere!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Kaelee! My previous book, Cavelli's Lost Heir, was published in France. They kept the same cover that it was originally published with. In fact, everyone so far has -- except for Holland, who took fully clothed people and changed it to unclothed and lying in bed. Hmm. :)

Kristina said...

How fun to see all of those covers together! I'm so proud of you, Pixie chicky! xoxo

Jean Hovey said...

They are all pretty yummy--well, except for Japan. I wonder why there's no picture of a hero. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

How exciting to have so many translations!

Pat Cochran said...

I like the NA and Indian covers
best, but I also like the Japan
cover also. It's just pretty!

Pat Cochran

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, Kristina! Thanks! Can't wait for your fab book to release! So close now!

Hi, Jean! I love getting the translations. It's such a mystery why they do what they do in other countries!

Hi, Pat! Thank you! I do love the NA cover too. I always have. The Indian one, while pretty, isn't quite the right heroine for me. But it's still beautiful! Like I said, none of them have disappointed me! :)

Estella said...

I like all of them but the Japanese one.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I kind of like the atmospheric quality of it, but I understand why you wouldn't! It kind of has nothing to do with the book, LOL. :)

Nas Dean said...

I like all the covers. Any one of those covers will make me pick up the book!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thanks, Nas! :)