Saturday, January 01, 2011

Claudia's Big Break - Lisa Heidke

Happy New Year!

My new novel, Claudia’s Big Break, due for release in January, is about three best friends, taking stock of their lives and heading off on the adventure of their lives, with a bit of drunken karaoke thrown in.

Seeking time and space to think about new possibilities, Claudia Taylor jets off to glorious Santorini with her two best friends, Tara and Sophie. Sophie and Tara also hope a break from the daily grind will help them make some major life decisions.

All are at a crossroads, some surprisingly so. All the women have their own dreams, and through a series of adventures and unexpected events, find that a holiday can change their lives forever.

I loved writing Claudia’s Big Break, not only because it’s set in the beautiful Greek Isles, but because I was able to write about three strong female characters who are all seeking time and space to think about new possibilities in their lives. In addition to exploring Claudia, Sophie and Tara’s lifelong friendships, there’s plenty of romance and intrigue as well.

Claudia’s Big Break is similar to my other novels, Lucy Springer Gets Even and What Kate did Next in that my main characters are women facing a crisis or two. However, this time instead of being based in suburban Sydney where Lucy and Kate live, Claudia and her friends get to jet off to Europe.

I’d like to think that all three books are relevant and realistic but are also entertaining and give readers a sense of ‘we’re all in this together.’ All of us deal with varying levels of crisis on a daily basis and I have my share (I’m also an excellent eavesdropper) so I can relate to my characters and identify with them. I have hopefully presented their stories in a humorous way that readers will relate to.

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Linda Henderson said...

I enjoy reading books about strong women characters who are friends. It doesn't seem like we have enough of these.

Estella said...

I love contemporary stories about friends.

Michele L. said...

Hi Lisa,
Great to have you here! I always love books about indepedent, strong women. Great topic for your book!

Congrats and many wishes for a fabulous New Year!