Sunday, May 09, 2010

Spring is here at last - Christina Hollis

May is a busy month for me this year. I’m reading one of my short stories at a local literature festival, but as it’s about a wife reflecting on her husband’s mysterious disappearance, it’s hardly the thing to discuss here! It’s much more enjoyable to concentrate on happier themes. First, a trip down memory lane. My very first Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon The Italian Billionaire’s Virgin is being published in a collection along with Melanie Milburn’s The Virgin’s Price and Trish Morey’s The Greek’s Virgin. Bringing things right up to date, my newest Modern Romance, The French Aristocrat’s Baby, goes on sale in the UK.

May is also the month in which my birthday falls, so the OH and I are taking a day off. It’s enough that we’ll be alone together for a few hours, although my top favourite birthday treat will be made all the more special if it turns out to be a warm evening. Then we can be sure the birds will be singing. We’ll head out into the wood for a midnight picnic complete with champagne. There we are surrounded by bluebells and serenaded by nightingales. My gorgeous guy knows exactly how to keep romance alive!

In my May release, The French Aristocrat’s Baby, Chef Gwen runs a restaurant in the South of France named after the nightingales that sing in the surrounding countryside. She’s determined to succeed, but the odds are stacked against her. Then Count Etienne Moreau sweeps her off her feet. He’s been impressed by her in so many ways, and the feeling is mutual, until...

After an explosive night, Etienne wants Gwen as his mistress - she’s the perfect antidote to his cold blooded business deals. But proud Gwen is outraged - in Etienne’s world money might buy him anything, but this girl is not for sale!

‘You can have absolutely anything you like, except my signature on a marriage certificate.’ He chuckled. ‘Apart from that one small detail, my generosity knows no limit. Try me. Name your price.’

Reaching for a napkin, Gwen wiped her hands and dropped it onto the table in a symbolic gesture.

‘It’s nothing you could buy, no matter how much money you’ve got, monsieur. I want my independence, and the chance to make my own way in the world. I don’t want to go through life being carried by anyone else.’

Copyright Harlequin Mills and Boon Limited, 2010

It isn’t long before something happens that shocks Etienne into a decision that will change Gwen’s life forever. How will she cope?

We’ve had such a long miserable winter here in the UK, spring is even more welcome than usual. I can’t wait to get out and start partying!

What’s your idea of a perfect birthday treat?
Christina Hollis writes Modern Romance (published as Presents Extra in the USA) for Harlequin Mills and Boon - when she isn’t cajoling her salad plants into growing faster, ready for that first picnic of the year...


Mary said...

I absolutely love that field of purple flowers you posted, that is just so beautiful. I would love to be looking out my window every morning to see that. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Best birthday treat? I think my favorite treat was a large box of books that my best friend got from my amazon wish list with a gift card to three night stay in a hotel. I never even left because I ordered room service the entire time I was there. I had music and read so many good books that weekend. That will always be my favorite treat.

Roomservice, good food, music, a prepaid hotel room, peace and quiet and great books.

Michele L. said...

I would have to say my favorite birthday treat would have to be a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! Love'm! They are the best! My brother ssys we have the best Dairy Queen here in Northern Indiana. He lives in Arkansas. I thought they were the same everywhere but maybe not.

Wow! What a fantastic brithday present Mary had above! Never received that kind of present before! You lucky girl!

Mary said...

It was fantastic! I definitely want to do that again. I think everyone should have a little time to themselves.