Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No longer an RT virgin

I totally forgot it was my day to blog until Leena sent me an email reminding me! Sorry, folks. Last week, I attended the RT Convention in Columbus, Ohio. It was my first RT ever -- and though I wasn't sure what to expect, I had a blast.

RT is tamer than I'd thought it would be. During the day, there are workshops for writers, readers, and booksellers. In fact, the writer workshops outnumbered the others by a wide margin. I sat on a panel about writing category romance, and I attended quite a few panels that I enjoyed very much.

In the evenings, there was the Vampire Ball, the Fairy Ball, and the Ellora's Cave party. I donned a cape for the VB, glitter for the FB, and a red dress for EC. At night, the staid convention atmosphere turned into a party -- and it was fun to see so many fairies and vampires roaming the halls of the Hyatt Regency! (The morticians who were having their own convention at the same time took the whole thing with great humor. Secret about morticians, btw: they sure can party in the hotel bar!)

I also did a video interview with Morgan Doremus, which will appear on the RT website in June or July. And speaking of June, my June release from Harlequin Presents, THE PRINCE'S ROYAL CONCUBINE, is an RT Top Pick! If you don't want to wait until next month to read it, you can purchase it right now on the eHarlequin website in both print and ebook formats. If you read CAVELLI'S LOST HEIR, this book features Princess Antonella Romanelli, the woman Nico Cavelli practically jilted at the altar in order to marry Lily Morgan.

Prince Cristiano di Savaré hunts his prey by ruthless means. Tonight's pickings—Antonella Romanelli, crown princess of a rival country and part of a dynasty he has every reason to despise….

Antonella is rocked by Cristiano's unexpected magnetism. But there's ice in his wolfish smile…. She's far from the promiscuous, spoiled socialite he believes her to be, but Cristiano is here to persuade her into compliance. If bedding her is what it takes, then it will make his mission all the more pleasurable….


Paula said...

I've been intimidated by RT convention stories, since I'm a shy and retiring sort, and crowds give me the hives. But you made it sound like a lot of fun, and not nearly as daunting as I had feared. Maybe one day I'll...nah. Probably, not. But I'm glad you had such a great time.

And your upcoming book sounds great!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thanks, Paula! But RT was completely fun, really! I didn't know what to expect, but during the day it was just like RWA (except for the opportunity to get your picture taken with Mr. Romance contestants). Promo Alley was nuts -- everything I put out got gobbled up. Bookmarks and pens disappeared like crazy. It was insane!

Estella said...

Sounds like you had a great time at RT.

Mary said...

That sounds like a great time. I would so love being around all those people dressed as faeries, vampires and such. That sounds like so much fun. Maybe one of these days I'll go to ne of these conventions. Glad you had so much funa nd thanks for telling us about it.

runner10 said...

Hope you got your car back.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Estella: I did! I was rather surprised at how much fun it was. I am seriously considering RT next year when it's in LA.

Mary: the costumes ranged from basic to incredible! Next year is LA, so if you're in that neck of the woods, think about going!

Runner10: I did, thank you very much! Went up today, and the car was perfectly fine. The airport did not comp the days it wasn't supposed to be there, much to my irritation, but I'm so happy to have it back with no damage that I guess I can deal with that. :)

Jennie Lucas said...

Lynn, I loved hearing about your RT trip! I was so bummed I couldn't go this year and be roomies with you and Kimberly Lang, and also that I missed accepted the RT reviewer's choice award. Argh! But I'm hoping to go to LA next year - and will try to talk you into it too. *g*

xx Jennie

Lynn Raye Harris said...

We would have loved to have you there, Jennie! The awards are nice. We got to hold Karen Rose's in the bar. ;)

I doubt you'll have to talk very much to convince me to go. :)

Kimberly Lang said...

Yeah, I doubt there will be much arm-twisting needed to make us go again.

It was such fun meeting all the readers!

Jennie Lucas said...

Cool! Seeing RT with you guys in LA sounds amazing. I can't wait! :)