Sunday, April 18, 2010

Um, this is not what I ordered - Amanda Ashby

So yesterday it was my birthday and by some complicated time-vortex thing I have suddenly turned forty-two, which, I have to say, is completely ridiculous. I mean how did this happen? Even worse, I've had no preparation for this at all. When I was younger my friends were always moaning about how old they were. 'Oh my God. I'm like twenty-one. That's ancient' (okay, so perhaps they didn't speak like that since I grew up in Australia not in LA), but the point is that I never freaked out.

Not with thirty, not even with forty, but this forty-two business? Okay, now I'm freaking.

Even worse, there is no way that my denial systems can even kick in because when I look in the mirror, there are suddenly wrinkles there and when I jump out of bed too quickly my back lets me know that it was a bad idea. Which can only mean one thing. I really am forty-two (and according to some very wise people, there is no way I can ask for a refund).

In other, slightly less depressing news, last month Zombie Queen of Newbury High was named on the New York Public Library's Stuff of the Teen Age for 2010, which is a list of the 100 coolest books/DVDs/CDS/games from the previous year. I've still got no idea how a very uncool forty-two year old author such as myself managed to get on there, but if age has taught me one thing, it's take it without asking too many questions!

So, what about everyone else? Have you ever had an age freak out (and more importantly how long did it last and does it go away?)


Martha Lawson said...

After I finally stopped being 39! (for several years) I finally hit the big 50. I was depressed for a few days and it finally went away! I think it really hit me how old I was getting and all the things I wanted to do and the places I wanted to see were passing me by. Like I said tho it only lasted a few days, maybe a week. Now that I'm 54 (yikes) it's not so bad

Amanda Ashby said...

Martha - 39 is a jolly nice age so I'm not surprised you stayed that way for a while!!! Anyway you fill me with confidence that it only lasted a few days and it sounds like you are totally owning 54!!!!!!!

Andrea I said...

I've never had an age freak out. I do remember turning thirty and my son was upset about it. He liked having a mom in her twenties when he was a teenager. My mom also got upset when I became a grandmother at forty.

Laurie said...

I also felt depressed when I turned 40. Things were hectic hauling the kids to all of their different activities. Now that all 4 are out of the house I feel better able to cope with my age.