Friday, April 09, 2010

Daydream Believer by Megan Crane

I finished my latest book this week, which is just about the best feeling in the world. Since it's not due for a few days yet, I get the great luxury of letting it sit for a bit--kind of a writer's marinade--before polishing it up and submitting it next week.

So, basically, I get to daydream about my hero, an Italian prince from an ancient line, who feels he is indistinguishable from his own legacy-- a legacy that can be summed up pretty nicely by the castle in the village that bears his name. In my mind, it looks a lot like this:

You'll understand if I don't want to let go of my daydream just yet, I'm sure!

In the meantime, if you're looking for escapes, my alter-ego Caitlin Crews's second Mills & Boon Modern, MAJESTY, MISTRESS... MISSING HEIR is out next month and available right now on the Mills & Boon website!. There are no Italian princes and pretty castles in this one, but there is a determined sheikh and a little bit of Paris:

And pretty York, England:

Both definitely worth a daydream or two, in my opinion!


Kwana said...

I'm happy do dream along with you.

Pat Cochran said...

Gorgeous photographs! Your Caitlin
Crews' book Majesty, Mistress...
Missing Heir sounds as if it is
right up my alley! Will look for
it on my weekend bookstore run.

Pat Cochran

denise said...

Beautiful pics. I think I will daydream with you this weekend.
Can't wait til your new book! I've enjoyed all your others.

Sue A. said...

That's the way I feel after finishing a book as a reader. I like to daydream about the hero long after the book is finished.

Christina Hollis said...

Wonderful pictures, Megan, though the ones of York brought a lump to my throat as I've just waved my daughter off for a week's digging at the York Archaeological Trust's Hungate site. It's hard to believe my little baby is all grown up now!