Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Last week, it snowed here in Austin, Texas and today it is a blissful, beautiful 75 degrees. Amazing, isn't it, how much difference a week makes?

I love the springtime, love everything about spring. From the new leaves on the trees, to the nest of baby birds on my back patio to the clear blue sky filled with huge white clouds. I love going to the park with my boys-- riding the swings and the seesaw, getting beat at basketball by my oldest, playing tag with my youngest. We have a beautiful lake only a few minutes bike ride from my house and I love taking my kids on picnics there. This weekend my hubby's planning on renting a couple kayaks so we can all kayak from one end of the lake to the other. I've never kayaked before-- usually he and my oldest go alone-- so I'm a little nervous, but in a good way. And if all else fails, the three year old and I can sit on the shore and feed the ducks. That's always fun :)

So, I guess for me, Springtime means family time. Getting outdoors and hanging out with my all male family. Doing little things that aren't very special on their own, but that together add up to a lot of great memories for me. And this spring, there's the added benefit of my April release, Tease Me, to add a little more joy to my life.

So what about you? What do you like to do in the Spring?


denise said...

We are suppose to have a beautiful weekend here with 60 degree temps. Spring fever is going to hit. I love to get outside and just enjoy nature. Get ready to plant garden and flowers.
I am so looking forward to your book!

Estella said...

I love to get out and spruce up my garden in the spring.

Mary said...

I'm not sure that we actually have Spring here. We have cool weather and then hot weather. lol But when it's cool I like to get out more, do more shopping, have the doors open and be out during the day. Because when the heat hits, it's just to darn hott to do anything during the day when it's 116F.

Pat Cochran said...

I noted at the blog site I just visited that, in the past few days,
I spotted two harbingers of Spring:
teeny-tiny, bright-green leaves
on our Arizona Ash tree and the
first neighbor out mowing the grass.
I expect to see a robin just any
time now!

Pat Cochran

Sue A. said...

I like to get out more, take walks, and watch the flowers bloom.

Michele L. said...

My favorite thing to do in the Spring is to dig in the dirt! I love the smells, the sunshine, the birds singing, buying flowers to plant, and all the happy people in the stores. Spring always brings out the best in people after a long hard winter. It is my favorite season of the year!

Anonymous said...

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Dina said...

since it hit 40 here today, our snow is melting. I like the warmness and the green of colors to start, not the rain.

cheryl c said...

I love being able to get outside more. Spring is such a pretty time after the cold and gloom of winter. Here in the South spring means azaleas and dogwoods. The spring temperatures are just right before the heat and humidity of the summer.

Dina said...

Hi Lee, I enjoy your blgo always and have an award for you at my blog. :)