Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the Road Again : : Anne McAllister

This winter has been something of a blur due to circumstances beyond my control. Life is often like that and being able to roll with the punches is a good thing. I've rolled. And rolled.

Eventually things settled down. Time passed. And I realized a couple of days ago that, amazingly enough, I'm going out of town next week. I'd pretty much forgotten!

Usually I spend a lot of time thinking about traveling -- where I'm going, what I can do and see there. I wallow in guidebooks. I prowl the internet. I love reading about places I'm going and making tentative plans. And even when it's somewhere I consider a second home, I still like to think about it ahead of time.

Next week I'm' going to New York City for a wedding. This is something like a second home for me.

But even so, I wanted to wallow. There was no time.

Back when I first planned it, I did check to see what else might be happening in the city at the time -- and I booked a ticket to a play. That would be to see Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson in A View from the Bridge.

But then life got in the way (my mother got very ill, needed hospitalization several times and three changes of abode, but is now thriving, thank God). I promptly forgot about the wedding, the trip, the play -- the book I was supposed to start writing.

But now life has mellowed again for the moment.

The date of departure is almost here and I have yet to wallow. I haven't even really given it much thought. But I'm going to be gone six days. And while I've been to New York enough that for years I actually had a pediatrician for my kids there and a neighborhood pharmacy that knew their allergies -- I haven't been back a lot recently.

I did go and see Hugh and Dan (yes, Jackman and Craig) when they were doing A Steady Rain last September. I was there researching my George-the-physicist-hero research at Columbia, and they happened (fortuitously) to be on Broadway at the same time. But George is in production and Hugh and Dan have moved on to other projects.

So, I ask you -- what -- besides the wedding -- should I do?

Ideas? Suggestions?

What are your favorite things to do in New York? Or if you've never been there -- what would you do if you could go?

Are there plays you've been to that I ought to see? Movies you recommend that won't come to the sticks (where I live)?

Museums? Galleries? Walking tours? Street fairs?

Things I haven't even thought of yet?

Please save me from having to wander around aimlessly lfor the better part of a week.

I always have a great time in NYC -- but I know it will be even greater if you share ideas. And I'd love to be able to report back next month on your suggestions. And incidentally, I might see if I can figure out another book to set there as well.


Christina Hollis said...

Hi Anne - lucky you, with a trip like that on the horizon!
Have you tried The International Center of Photography and/or MOMA? Unfortunately as a devotee of Robert Capa, I'm a bit blinkered beyond those two suggestions.
I was sorry to hear about your mother, and hope she has stabilized now.

Caroline Storer said...

Have a great trip Anne - you deserve it. Caroline x

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Anne, if you haven't seen Jersey Boys you really must go, it will bring back so many memories. If I could see it again I certainly would go!

And so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, you'll have to share your trip with us when you return.

cheryl c said...

I always enjoy going to the Top of the Rock observation deck at The Rockefeller Center. Madame Tussand's wax museum is fun, too! A broadway show is a must. I saw Wicked, which was fabulous!

cheryl c said...

oops...typed Tussaud wrong!

Anne McAllister said...

Christina, thanks! MOMA is on the list. I haven't been to the International Center of Photography. I'll add that as one of my daughters-in-law is a photographer and she'd be eager to hear about it. Thanks for your concern about my mother. She's doing well right now.

Caroline, thanks! I hope to have a great time.

Marilyn, haven't seen Jersey Boys. Good idea. I'll see if we can get tickets. And yes, there are always great restaurants.

Cheryl, I haven't been to the top of Rockefeller Center. What a great idea. Haven't been to the wax museum either. Didn't know there was one. Last one I saw was in London. I love the music from Wicked. Might check that out! Thank you.

Sue A. said...

I've never been to New York, so I hope you come back and post about your trip here with a few photos too. My tip is to get a compact digital camera and to carry it with you always. I never seem to have the camera on me when I want to capture a moment.

Anne McAllister said...

Sue, You're a mindreader. I was just this afternoon thinking I needed to be sure I had my camera and a new SD card and to take my extra battery and my charger. Since cameras have become so much smaller I find it easier to remember to tuck it in my pocket or my purse.

And of course there are always great things to take pics of in NYC. Thanks for reminding me!

And yes, I'll be back next month with a report on what I did and where I went.

Michelle Styles said...

Go take a ride on the Central Park carousel. It was one of my favourite things to do in New YOrk (probably a comment on how old my children were!) But riding on such things always puts a spring in my step.
Take some time just to be and soak in the atmosphere. Spring should be a great time.

Anne McAllister said...

Michelle, I'll do that! I'd forgotten about it (which goes to show that my kids are now all grown up and I haven't taken a grandkid there yet). Will definitely just amble around some. Always good to take my friends' dogs for a walk in the park in the morning.