Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Called Life - Francis Ray

Your day can be going beautifully and then stuff happens to ruin it. A disaster to some is just an imposition to others. The way you look at life's unavoidable curve balls depends on your mind-set, support group and, let's face it, finances. A flat tire can ruin one person's day and yet to another person it's just a minor inconvenience. But what brought each to that particular point?

We've all heard and read about being positive, about the law of attraction, about how a positive attitude has a way of making the day and life better. Scientists and health authorities go even further and say it will lengthen your life span. Stress affects the body in a negative way so we get that. So, given these facts, why isn't the world happier? I can hear you rolling off reasons, but what if - in spite of all the things that we see as problems - we'd look at as opportunities? And yes, I read those words somewhere, but they make sense.

Our grandmothers and mothers were right when they kept telling us that worrying wouldn't help. Yet, acquiring and maintaining a positive outlook takes a sustained effort. I know, I've been working on it for a long time but "life" gets in the way. But I plan to keep trying.

When we write about this 'stuff' happening to our characters, we eventually find a way for them to work through it and come out a better person. I test my characters ruthlessly to ensure that by the end of the book they've grown and can withstand anything life throws at them. But I have to remember they can do so because of the "stuff in life" that happened to them.

In my latest book, IF YOU WERE MY MAN, Rafael Dunlap, is handsome, charming and unaware that he is carrying baggage. Nathalyia Fontaine is aware of her baggage and has absolutely no idea how to deal with it. They're on a collision course to find out about life and "stuff."

Ray, a prolific storyteller
New York Times/USA Today


Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Francis,

What can we do? Life "happens" and
thank God for that! We have to roll with the punches and just keep on
going. I think it's called growth!

Pat Cochran

denise said...

I'll be on the look out for your books.

Kim said...

Hi Francis,

Yes life does throw us curveballs but it is how we deal with them that counts. I feel that being prayerful and having faith is the best way to deal with life issues. I believe in P.U.S.H - pray until something happens.
I love your books!!!!


Sue A. said...

I've recently survived my own crisis, I'm afraid I didn't start out very positive and in hind sight I could have handled things better. At least I can look back and learn something from it.

I get a lot from reading and some of it is learning life lessons second hand.

All the Buzz Literary Reviews said...

It is definitely how we deal with them that matters. If I Were Your Man is a wonderful book!

Sunnymay said...

Disasters happen on-the-go and in everyday living. How we adjust and flex with the changes makes us stronger knowing more about mistakes and how to turn around and face our fears. Having 5 kids means you get used to plan B, C, and D as a frequent options. Having a bunch of friends to ask about the tough stuff helps you hear yourself think and make more sense out of chaos.