Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Italian Inspiration by Megan Crane

At the moment I am working on a book that is set, in part, in northern Italy.

What a hardship! Every day I sit down, and look around online for inspiring pictures.

Like these, for example:

Does it even matter what the book's about, if it's set somewhere so pretty?

Italy calls!


denise said...

Beautiful pics. I wish more books could include pics. They really make a story come alive, but I guess that is what our imagination is for.

cheryl c said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning pictures!

Pat Cochran said...

Megan, gorgeous photographs! Honey and I won a trip to Venice years
back. The only thing not perfect
about the trip was that it was a
rainy day on arrival and departure.
This meant we did not get to see
the beautiful mountain ranges. I
guess that means we will just have
to go back. Oh, darn!!

Pat Cochran

Mary said...

Love the pictures but to answer your question.....I'd have to say yes it matters what the books about even if it's set in a place as pretty as that. But I'm sure since you're writing it, it'll be great.

Estella said...

Gorgeous pics!

Sue A. said...

Lovely pictures!

Michele L. said...

Oh wow! Those are amazing pictures! I like when the author notes where the story takes place at so I can imagine in mind the places the characters visit. I can't wait to read your book Megan!

Dina said...

love the pics, mybe one day I'll get to go there.

I also think it matters about the contents, because pic are not always in the books to enjoy.

Megan Crane said...

You are all quite right-- it's definitely important that there be a good story to go along with such pretty pictures. And it's such fun to come up with one!