Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tennessee, Here I Come -- Michelle Monkou

Winners announced: Linda Warren and Linda Henderson, you'll be enjoying a fun pack from the Gaylord Opryland.
My general complaint of late is that my brain has a slow leak and my memory is escaping. Thanks, Lee for the nudge that today is my day to blog.

Here's the thing, I'm hard at work preparing for the Romance Writers of America's board meeting in November. That's not the interesting part. The fun part is that I'll be at the Gaylord Hotel in Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee.

I've never been to Tennessee. Well, that may not be correct. I may have hopped off and on some flight or the other to get to another part of the U.S. But I'm looking forward to the trip. From what I've heard about the hotel and it's six acres of covered property, it sounds like I may spend all my time simply wandering the hotel grounds.

If any of you have traveled to Tennessee, are from Tennessee, or done some research on Tennessee, please share memories, tips, or things that make Tennessee special.

I will grab a handful of items - I promise to pay for them - from the souvenir shop for a random winner (or two, you never know). I'll select the winner on November 1.

BTW, RWA's national conference and 30th anniversary will be celebrated in July 2010 at the Gaylord in Tennessee.

Michelle Monkou

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Estella said...

Have never been to Tennesse either.
Have a great time!

Emmanuelle said...

I was in Nashville last year for a few days and really enjoyed it. It was Dh, the kids and I so we did family stuff mostly.
One night we had dinner at a nice restaurant, check it out :

The food was honestly delicious and we had a great time. Of course it was hard to keep the boys from the aquarium ;-).

The whole mall is nice too (I remember a particular shoe shop I'd love to go back too).

I'm sure you'll have a great time too in Nashville and hope you'll post pictures !

Jane said...

I've never been to Tennessee. I've heard a lot about the barbecues.

Linda Warren said...

I'm so hoping I get to go to Nashville in 2010 for the RWA conference. I've never been either and I'd love to see the hotel. It sounds awesome.

Till 2010...

Martha Lawson said...

Hi Michelle! Well, I've never been to Nashville, either - but I do have a place you might want to check out.. It's a restuarant in the Greenhill's Mall called F Scott's. My niece's husband is the chef & part owner there. They have a jazz bar, if that interests you.
Have a great time and enjoy all the southern hospitality!!

Linda Henderson said...

I have only been in Memphis and that was only the airport. My niece however lives an hour from Nashville and her husband works for Dell computers in Nashville. We are planning to come to RWA in Nashville next year, hopefully it will work out. My niece says that hotel you are going to be at is beautiful. She has been in it and says it is fabulous. She was twice as excited when she found out where it was at. She is going to be our guide for next year.

Michele L. said...

Hi Michelle!

You lucky thang! I have only driven through Tennessee and I remember how beautiful it is! My hubby and I were on our way to Georgia.

I have a friend who lives in Tennessee and she just loves it there! She has sent me gifts from time to time. I got some candles and soaps from her favorite store.

Enjoy yourself and soak up the sights and sounds of beautiful Tennessee! I look forward to seeing pictures of your trip!


robynl said...

I, too, have never been to Tennesse. It sounds exciting though and I'm sure you will soak up the good things from the area you are at. Do have a great time. As I've never been there, some souveniers would be awesome.


Mary said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's never been to tennessee. Although I haven't been to many places. Now if you ever need to know stuff about Las vegas...I could answer those questions. lol

CrystalGB said...

Hope you have a great time in Tennessee. I enjoy going to Pigeon Forge to the tourist attractions.

penney said...

I'd love to go to Tennessee my older brother and his wife moved there from California 6 years ago and they love it. I want to go back there for a visit.
Have a great time there.

Julie said...

It's not so much the grounds as it is the inside of the hotel. We were there several years ago. Make sure you get a map of the hotel, and keep it with you! The interior spaces (atriums?) are really interesting.

Michelle Monkou said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips and memories. I'll try to check out some of the places and restaurants mentioned.

The lucky winners are Linda Warren and Linda Henderson. Contact me at

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you so much. Hope you had a great time.