Monday, October 05, 2009

The Familiar and the Forbidden -- Susanna Carr

It seems like there are more books out there lately where the heroine is in love with a man who has always been treated like a member of the family. Maybe I’m hyperaware because my newest release, The Year of Living Shamelessly, is about a woman seducing a man who she practically grew up with in her home.

In the past few months I’ve read a couple of Harlequins, contemporary and even a few historical romances about a woman who has a love affair with the guy who is an honorary member of the family. He might be a provider or a protector. He takes care of the family and he’s there for them. He’s not a blood relative, but everyone accepts him as one of their own.

I’m wondering why this idea is gaining popularity. After all, there are some pros and cons of a woman seducing a man who sits at the family table.

Pro: She knows everything about the guy. In this day and age, information is everything.
Con: He knows everything about her. There is only so much makeup and good lighting can hide.

Pro: he’s a family man and he’s there when you need him.
Con: like some family members, he’s there when you don’t want him around.

Pro: those obligatory family functions will never be boring again
Con: it’s risky getting involved with him because the family dynamics change forever

Overall, I think the storyline is popular because it’s a tantalizing mix of the familiar and the forbidden. But maybe there is more to that. Why do you think this storyline is showing up more these days?


Emmanuelle said...

I love that kind of story too. There is something very romantic about the idea that your true love was just under your nose the whole time... all you need is a change of perspective and TADAH...
I haven't read your book yet but I'm planning on it ;-)

Linda Henderson said...

Yeah, the idea that your soul mate is right before your eyes is a very romantic one. That person who has stood by you through thick and thin as a friend can sometimes become your lover. I think it's a great storyline. said...

ooo love those boots!!!!!!!! lookin forward to it

Mary said...

I've read several stories where this is true. I have almost always liked this in a story because you get the back story and can read how the love story came to be. How the two people got closer over the years and sometimes the hero might feel soemthing for her but he thinks she too young and it feels wrong because her family thinks of him as one of their own and he doesn't want to rock the boat.