Friday, September 04, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

I live in Texas, so it’s still 103 degrees here most days, so I find it absolutely lamentable that I have to ask, where did summer go? I swear, it was just yesterday that my oldest two sons ran into the house screaming excitedly about school being out. Just a few short weeks ago when I myself rejoiced that my classes were done and that I would not be teaching for three long months.
Now suddenly, all that’s changed and I’m not sure what happened. I remember June—filled with trips to the swimming pool, the guy, a few forays to the lake and park before temperatures went from blistering to hot.
I have a vague recollection of July—shopping for RWA, enjoying a visit from my mom, going to D.C. for RWA and then flying to Egypt for vacations.
August, however, does not exist. I don’t remember August 1st dawning and I barely remember it ending. Admittedly, I spent the first three weeks of the month in Egypt climbing pyramids and swimming in Cleopatra’s bath, so much of the month is a blur. And what I do remember involves playing catch up as I tried to ready the boys—and myself— for school in four days.
So now I’m teaching three college classes, getting up at 5 a.m. to make sure my 7th grader gets to football practice by 6, working until 2 a.m. on a book I have due in ten days and basically trying to juggle everything two parents do for three kids and a house by myself as my husband has been in New Jersey, L.A., Dallas, Paris and San Francisco since we got back from Egypt—basically every place but here.

So as I sit here, half asleep and desperately craving a cup of coffee, I have to ask once more: Where did summer go? Did your summer fly by, as mine did, or are you more than ready for fall? And please excuse the whining—like Genevieve, the main character of my new release, Tie Me Down, I’ve got the it’s-too-hot-to-not-be-summer blues!

Oh, and one more thing—I’ve included an excerpt of Tie Me Down here, as part of my Tie Me Down Contest Extravaganza. So head on over to my blog, to get the scoop on the contest. There are daily prizes and the Grand Prize (given away next Tuesday) is a $100 gift card to the winner’s choice of bookstore.

Excerpt #4: Please be aware this excerpt is meant for those over 18.

“You don’t want to screw with me on this, Genevieve. Why’d you sneak out like that, without even telling me where to find you?” Cole’s voice was lower now, more animal than human as he took advantage of her predicament, closing in until she was utterly surrounded. The wall at her back, his hard, unyielding body hovering only inches from her front. His powerful biceps caging her in from the sides.

His black-magic eyes demanding that she tell him what he wanted to know.
The wind picked up, made her shudder as it whipped around them, as wild and fierce as the attraction she couldn’t fight. It lashed the rain against her, against him, as it streamed down their bodies.

He pulled back, looked at her with wicked eyes that proclaimed just how much he wanted her—and just how far he would go to have her—and she became aware, for the first time, of how she must look to him. Her clothes were stuck to her and practically transparent, her nipples showing clearly through the thin lace of her bra, the even thinner cotton of her T-shirt.
Maybe she should have been frightened, with the storm raging around her and Cole burning beside her. But ten years on a male-dominated force had ensured she was not easily cowed.
Resolving to give as good as she got, Genevieve pressed her head back against the wall and glared at him with eyes she knew reflected her own fury, as the storm raged around them.
“Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.”
“Fuck that.” He grabbed her wrists with one hand, his long fingers spanning both with ease. Yanked her arms above her head. Moved the last few inches until his body was pressed against hers from chest to thigh.

His breath was coming in short, hot pants against her ear, his heart racing crazily against her breasts. And his erection, his infinitely arousing, unbelievably sexy erection, rested hot and heavy against her stomach. The rain made the barrier of their clothes nearly nonexistent, and she felt his heat against the very heart of her.

Shock raced through her as her brain demanded that she refuse to yield. But her body was firmly in control, the pleasure it took from Cole’s unprecedented dominance more than she could fight.

She loved every second of it. Loved the vulnerability of being spread for him. Loved the little frissons of fear working their way down her spine. Loved the idea of being helpless in the face of all this bristling male aggression.

She should have felt vulnerable, but she knew she was safe—she’d trained for years to handle herself against men twice her size. She should have felt uncomfortable, but everything about Cole felt right despite his obvious interest in her case. She should have felt anything—everything—but this overwhelming need to give him whatever he wanted to take. And to take even more for herself.

His grip was firm as he stretched her wrists higher, forcing her to arch her back to relieve the pressure. But as they skimmed down her throat his lips were more gentle than she would have dreamed possible.

“Tell me why,” he whispered, running his tongue over her collarbone.
“You already—” Her voice broke and she had to start again. “You already knew where to find me.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I found your file.” She pushed against him with all the strength she could muster, but he just snarled and pushed back.

“You should have stuck around—I would have explained everything. It would have saved me the trouble of hauling you back.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
His chuckle was low, wicked. “You don’t have a clue what I’ll dare.”


Lynz Pickles said...

Whew! You know, I thought my summer was over. Actually, it never seemed to really come to Toronto this year. But after reading that excerpt, I've realized that it's really, REALLY hot in here. So now I'm thinking that summer's not over yet!

Armenia said...

Tracy, know what you mean about hot Texas days. Living in Austin, the kids and I pretty much lived like bats during the hot summer months, only venturing out and go swimming at night. DH and I took them to Seaworld San Antonio and the look on their faces were priceless as they watched the ski show and Shamu.

Now we're looking forward to Halloween and all the Fall festivals. But not putting our flip flops away,yet.

rita said...

Whew, that passage just caused me to experience "summer".......

I'm 57. The older I get, the faster time goes. Except winter, which lasts three or four years, then summer comes and goes in 5 minutes.

Tracy Wolff said...

Lynz and Rita, so glad I could warm you up ;) I heard Toronto was cool this year-- I'll try not to die from envy.

Rita, I know what you mean about time passing quickly-- I swear I live from book release to book release.

Armenia, I didn't know you were in Austin too! So you feel my pain. And nope, my flip flops are on my feet at this very moment.

gigi said...

Bravo! Wonderful excerpt.
I can't wait to read the entire book.

Armenia said...

Tracy..small world. I was thinking you were in Houston. I just finished Lisa Kleypas's SUGAR DADDY, and her bio says Houston. I just found out BLUE EYED DEVIL was related to that book. I am so far behind on my TBR pile. Okay, off to read. Have a good day.

flchen1 said...

Awesome excerpt, Tracy!

And yep, the summer just flew by! I feel as if I'm in the stage of life all parents seem to complain about, where the years pass by at an alarmingly speedy pace. So we weren't quite ready for school to begin, but so far, it's been a good couple weeks!

Pat Cochran said...

Hi Tracy & Armenia,

Let's make it a Texas Trio! I'm a
native of Houston of over seventy
years. I propose we trade with
rita for a few days since we have
weather opposite to what she
experiences. BTW, it is 85 degrees here today which is practically a
cold front for this summer! LOL!

Estella said...

Loved the excerpt! Am looking forward to the book.

Mary said...

I was staying inside today trying to keep cool since it's about 104F here in Las Vegas, and then I started reading the exerpts...*what was the question again?, whew!* Seriously, that just wet my appetite and now I have to read the rest of that book. It reads great!
Oh and summer? like I said, I pretty much stayed inside and stayed cool..caught up on some reading and made lists of all the books I still need to read.

Great contest too! That was fun to enter. :)

Tracy Wolff said...

Thanks Mary, Estella and Pat for your kind words. I hope you all stay cool in the last dog days of summer . . . your time with Tie Me Down not withstanding ;)

booklover0226 said...

This book sounds wonderful; I can't wait to read it. Thanks for posting an excerpt.