Friday, September 18, 2009

Things men could actually learn by attending my school - Delilah Marvelle

My dearest Readers,

The following is what men would actually learn if they attended the School of Gallantry. By the by -- for those of you that are curious -- the School of Gallantry was founded in 1830 in London, by Madame de Maitenon who sought to educate men in the topic of love and seduction. (Mind you, the school and all the characters in my books are fictional but hey, a woman can dream)

*Instead of relying on giving a lady more flowers and more gifts, try to rely on giving more of yourself.
*The art of pleasure involves more than just that stick between your legs.
*As a side note to number 2, most women's delicate little pearls cannot be reached by said stick, no matter how long or how large. Which leaves a woman quite wanting. It is up to you to ensure that little pearl is properly tended to.
*Lust can be quite a terrible predicament. Learn to control it, lest it control you.
*A dildo is a fun little accessory every man should keep at his bedside. Not for himself, mind you (although if it strikes your fancy...), but rather, for his lady.
*You cannot thoroughly pleasure a woman you do not know. Take the time to understand who she is. Not just what she looks like.
*Men are peacocks. With much emphasis on the cocks.
*Love isn't something meant to be understood. But felt.
*No, not all men are created equal. Because some of you possess qualities that go beyond a woman's wildest dreams. You just have to learn what those qualities are.
*If you are enrolled in this school, you are already taking your first step toward pleasuring your lady. Be proud of it.
*Though earlier it was mentioned you should give more of yourself than flowers or gifts, expenseive gifts, such as jewelry, do come in handy when words simply elude you. But I do suggest you start reading the dictionary on a more frequent basis to help you build your vocabulary as words are necessary to maintaining a relationship.
*Ask your lady what it is she wants most from you. Then try not to run.
*You cannot become the Lord of Pleasure until your lady dubs you as such.

The question of the day? Would you enroll your gentleman in a school that would educate him in the topic of love and seduction? And if so, why? (And don't worry, we won't tell him what you posted!)

If you're curious about naughty history (and I know you are...), I invite you to not only pick up my latest release, LORD OF PLEASURE but to visit my blog, A BIT O'MUSLIN at where every first of the month I post a new topic relating to the history of sex.


Mint said...

Most men I know could benefit from your school. It would certainly teach them a thing or two on taking care of a woman.

Linda Henderson

Armenia said...

I think every man needs to be enrolled in the School of Gallantry. As they get older they may become too smug in their thinking of satisfying the female. They can use a refresher course.

I just love visiting your blog, Bit of Muslin. The history and research you write is so interesting.

Mary said...

Love the idea of this school and think most men would probably benefit from attending.

Emmanuelle said...

Mint and Armenia just said it perfectly !! It's a matter of "need" for most of men. Of course after being married for 10 years, I tend to be a bit "sensitive" on the subjst !! Lol.

kimmyl said...

I agree with Armenia. Men never seem to understand where women come from but yet your suppose to read their minds.

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Linda,
LOL, most men WOULD. Because hey. It's all about us, right?

My dearest Armenia,
A refresher course! I like that!
And thank you about my blog!!! I'm so thrilled to hear that :D

My dearest Mary,
How about we all get together and actually open this school? Whatcha think? Grin.

My dearest Emmanuelle,
I'm with you on those years in marriage. It makes us women even more "sensitive" about our needs and more serious. Cuz we only have one man to depend on to fill those needs and if he doesn't, who the freak will?

My dearest Kimmyl,
LOL, yeah, a female mind reader would be an ideal mate for any man...