Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Perspective by Megan Crane

Perspective is a funny thing.

I just went on vacation to the desert, which, to many people, doesn't sound like a vacation at all. And it really was hot and dusty and HOT and all the things deserts can be--but it was also a little bit magical and incredibly relaxing. It made me think about the way everyone sees everything differently, depending on where they're looking from.

Books are a lot like this.

I have friends who won't read historical romance novels because they don't like it when something is anachronistic, and they are on the hunt for that anachronistic something from page one, and it ruins their enjoyment of the novel. I have friends who won't read category romances because they think they are too formulaic and noticing the formula makes them so angry they can't enjoy the novel. I have friends who don't like author A because she head-hops, and it doesn't matter if she does it well, they hate head-hopping. I have friends who won't read anything violent or suspenseful because they think that has no place in a romance. I have friends who won't read Inspirational because they think faith has no place in a romance. We all have so many reasons why we won't read this or we won't read that, and usually this is based on a set criteria that might or might not have anything to do with the book in our hands.

The anachronistic historical could have the hottest, sweetest romance of the year. The formulaic category might use that very formula to tell the most powerful story imaginable. All the things we tell ourselves we hate in a book can, in the hands of a skillful author, make us fall deeply in love with a book we would have sworn we'd hate.

I had this happen to me with JR Ward. I was over vampires. And I was definitely not interested in all those silly names.

Cut to me, hundreds and hundreds of pages later, completely addicted.

What about you? What book did you swear you'd never read for this or that reason, only to accidentally find yourself up until the wee hours, frantically flipping pages?

What book do you think we all should give a chance, even though it hits some hot buttons?


Armenia said...

Megan, that's funny you should talk about this. The book, or rather, the saga, for me was Twilight. I did not want to succumb to all the frenzy, but best friend tried to talk me into it. "Why, its a YA, I want HEA with a some steamy love." I explained. She wore me down.

OMG, talk about fan girl. I'm in the middle of NEW MOON, and absolutely loving it. The H/H are so in love it just pulls at my heartstrings.

Emmanuelle said...

Interresting post, really got me thinking.
I've always said I'd never read a young adult romance because, come on, they're for kids !!! ;-)
I tried one recently because it had been heavily recommended and really enjoyed it. OK I loved it. It's Two-Way Street from Lauren Barnholdt. I'm really planning on reading more from this author. Any recommendation for young adults romance ?? ;-)

Megan Crane said...

Armenia, I almost mentioned Twilight too! I was ignoring the whole thing, and then devoured all four books, and THEN saw the movie 10 times in the theater. No lie.

Oh, Emmanuelle, there are so many terrific YA books out there right now! My best advice would be to go to a YA section in a bookstore and see what catches your eye. I really think you can't go wrong.

Alison said...

It's funny that I don't like to start reading a romance unless I feel I'll be able to finish it in the same sitting. With a two-year-old and a job, my TBR pile just gets bigger!

Mint said...

Some years back I bought Naked In Death by J.D.Robb whom as we all know is Nora Roberts. I had been collecting all of her books so I bought the first one. Well I read it and I thought futurestic romance was not for me. So believe it or not I kept collecting her In Death books and put them on the shelf. Finally a few years ago I read it again and I was hooked. Couldn't get them fast enough. I guess getting older I was more open to change. So now I try new genres looking for new experiences.

Armenia said...

Okay, so best friend loaned me her Twilight DVD so I can compare it to the book. The book was so much better.

I researched the site and saw a trailer for NEW MOON the movie, and funny thing, I was giggling like a teenager in front of my laptop. I mean, drooling at Jacob's muscles. If reading a YA can turn back the years, I'm all for it.

So I guess, best friend and I will be rubbing elbows and sighing at the movie theatre with all teenage vampfan girls and wolffan girls in November when the movie releases. *giggle*

Mary said...

I used to read just historical romance and didn't think I would like the paranormal romance at all. I was soo wrong. I love the Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Alien...ect romance and I never thought I would. Now I can't get enough of that type of romance novel.

Michelle Styles said...

One funny one was my husband and Harry POtter. After the third one came out, and both my eldest and I had read it straight thorugh, he became determined to prove us wrong and started reading it aloud to my middle child. They and my youngest became far bigger fans.
I enjoyed Twilight which I read after my middle child went on and on about it. It is one of the great things about having children -- discovering new authors.
There again for me -- I love reading and have been known to read cereal packets...

booklover0226 said...

I'm holding off in reading both the Twilight and Harry Potter series. I know I'll eventually weaken and read the Harry Potter series, though. LOL

Some cyber-friends convinced to purchase a read a book which falls int he GLBT genre. I was a bit skeptical, at firt, but ended up enjoying it. Now, I have read many books in this genre.