Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I need a hero! reports Trish Morey

It’s true. I’m in between books, that lovely la la land after revisions on one manuscript and way before the deadline on the next. And what better way to spend my time than on researching my next hero? I have an idea of who he is – an Australian of Italian descent, perhaps second generation, whose family came to live in Far North Queensland in the 1950’s. His family has worked hard, lost a fortune, and regained it, and he’s nothing if not a true alpha male.

But it’s not just enough to know who he is and what he is – I want to know what he looks like. I want to see his eyes, just the way the heroine would. I want to have a face that sums him up.

Just so you know what I’m talking about, here are a couple of heroes I prepared earlier...

I’ve just finished writing Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin, part of the Presents Dark Hearted Desert Men 4 book continuity scheduled for mid-2010. Rafiq is the lesser of the two black sheep of the family, turned tycoon rather than playboy gambler. Burying his despair under a drive to show everyone how wrong they are, he abandons his country and his robes and becomes a ruthless, Armani wearing Sheikh tycoon. This picture of model and yogi Cameron Alborzian really summed up his character to me. You can just about see the chip on his shoulder.

And then there was my hero, Alejandro Rodriguez, from The Spaniard’s Blackmailed Bride, part of a two-in-one October Presents release, The Latin Lover, with Lucy Monroe. Now Alejandro is a man who doesn’t take rejection easily. He’s the guy who walks out on women, and it doesn’t sit easily that Leah Mitchell shrugged him off before he was through with her. He’s out to settle a score or two and he’s out for it bad...

Yeah, I think the odd score or two might well be settled with a glance like that. :)

After the likes of those guys, who’s left to inspire my Italian Australian hero? I found him, with the help of a fabulous friend, Anne Gracie, who is only too happy to share the results of her hero research (thank you Anne!). I think he’ll fit the bill quite nicely, a gorgeous model named Andrea Zanchini – here he is a black jacket and looking devastating - Oh yes, I think my heroine might find her hands a bit full with this one...

Of course, while I’m thinking Presents heroes, in real life heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Who’s your favourite hero and why? Trish has one copy of her recently awarded 2009 Romance Book of the Year Award winning title, The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge, to give away on Tote Bags and Blogs to one lucky entrant. Simply post your favourite hero in the comments section to be in the draw to win!


***Trish picked Emmanuelle as her winner! Congrats, Emmanuelle! :) Please email me with your full mailing address so we can get the prize in the mail to you. And many thanks to everyone else who left a comment!***


Becca J. Heath said...

Lovely heroes there Trish! Yummo!

Ok, I'm going to be a bit dorky and say my fave hero is my hubby. Anyone who gets up during the night to 3 kids 4 and under so I can catch up on some sleep is a winner for me!


Fiction-wise I love a reformed bad boy. Very rough around the edges! And of course any hero who looks a lot like Hugh!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Hey Trish, great to share the images of your heros with us. They're all gorgeous!

Trish Morey said...

Ah Becca, nominating your hubby is not dorky at all, especially for such good reason. As a mother of 4 in 6 years, I get where you're coming from, and that is real hero behaviour where I come from! Congratulations on nabbing such a sweetheart.

And oh my, the reformed bad boy - be still my heart! - I think we all love a good bad boy. Not to mention anyone who looks like Hugh:-))

Trish Morey said...

Hey Kandy, great to see you here! Aren't those guys so hot! And I should have said, Mr Loaded Gaze is none other than Brazilian model/actor Reynaldo Gianecchini. Not bad, eh? Wouldn't mind any of them on my covers.

Must say though, I'm really warming to Andrea though, since Anne Gracie kindly sent him my way. Goodness, some friends just go above and beyond, eh?:-))

vintage fan said...

In 1995 I was riding in the back seat of a car with a friend and a drunk driver hit us from behind. My friend saw the car coming and threw his body over mine. As a result of the accident, my friend has epilepsy. We married shortly after the accient. He saved my life and every day we fight the results of the car accident to save my friend's life. He is my hero.

Trish Morey said...

Oh Vintage Fan, your story is so powerful. He's a true hero, no doubt about it, and it looks like in you, he's found his heroine.

vintage fan said...

Dear Trish Morey,
Thank you for your reply.
This is an age where it is so important for us to have heros. . . and yes, heroines. I am glad you are having this blog today so we can reflect upon our own mind set of a hero (superman), Ralph Nadar, Bruce Willis, and Rudoph Valentino . . . some of mine.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Good pick with your new character Trish (and thank you Anne Gracie :) )

Trish Morey said...

You know, Vintage Fan, I wonder if there's ever been a time we didn't need heroes? I think it's the nature of life, that we need those people who go above and beyond, who give selflessly or who fight the good fight for no other reason than it must be fought.

Ooh, and I love your suggestions too - Ralph Nadar. Bruce Willis. Oh, and Rudolf Valentino - oh gosh, my nan, rest her soul, would give a wistful smile at that mention I'm sure.

Trish Morey said...

Oh Eleni, isn't that Anne Gracie a generous soul? I love that she found my hero, emailed him to me and he was PERFECT! It's like the guy in my head turned up in my inbox. I love it when that happens (and that's not nearly enough, I can tell you:-))

Laney4 said...

Someone recently blogged with a picture of Eddie Cibrian. Now HE isn't hard on the eyes! (Speaking of which, Eddie has beautiful eyes ... and dimples ... and abs -- you get the picture!)

Thanks for sharing the photos. What a great way to start my day!

Trish Morey said...

OOh Laney, Eddie Ciprian, eh? Verrrrry nice.

Thanks for the suggestion (gosh, I love his smile!)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Trish, great post! Fabulous visuals. FABULOUS VISUALS!!!

Now, what was I saying?

Oh, it was that the new books sound great! You do a wonderful alpha guy, my friend!

Pat Cochran said...

Folks are going to get tired of
hearing this, but the truth is
the truth. I've mentioned on blogs before that Honey, my husband of 48
years, is my hero! He's alpha, he's
beta, he's a caring, supportive,
always-there-when-needed, "got your
back" at all times spouse. Sounds
to good to be true, yet you should
see him when he cradles one of the
sleeping babies in his arms!

Pat Cochran

Emmanuelle said...

My favorite hero is Jamie Fraser from Outlander. I wouldn't consider a red-haired giant my type of man but for some reasons it worked for me !

Helen Bianchin said...

Hi Trish,
Wonderful visuals! Have you googled Jonathon Schaech? He's rather gorgeous!


Trish Morey said...

Hi Anna! What *were* you saying? Sorry, just had to go back and check those visuals and got a wee bit distracted:-))

Thanks for dropping by. I'm a trifle fond of your alpha guys too!

Trish Morey said...

Oh Pat, who could get sick of hearing about a guy like that? He sounds wonderful, and as for 48 years, that just rocks.

Congratulations and good call.

Trish Morey said...

LOL Emmanuelle, I think there's women all over the world wondering about the allure of Jamie Fraser. My personal preference has always been for tall dark haired, dark eyes and dangerous (any wonder I write for Presents? LOL) but Jamie had me wavering.

Trish Morey said...

You see, there's something so wonderful and generous about writer friends! Oh Helen, many thanks! I did my homework as suggested and now bookmarked Jonathon Schaech for future reference.

Phew, all this research is wearing me out:-))

Michele L. said... the hunky heroes! Wonderful eye candy indeed! Thanks Trish for sharing.

Here is my vote for a dashing hero, dancing champion, Maksim Chmerkoviskiy, on Dancing With The Stars. Have you seen this guy dance? I sure would love to do the two-step with him!

Did you hear that Donny Osmond is going to be on Dancing with the Stars this season? That should be really fun to watch! I had a crush on him as a teenager. He still is good looking!

I was surprised that no one mentioned Pierce Brosnan. He has always been another favorite of mine.

Oh and have you watched America's Got Talent? There is a group on there called the Texas Tenors. All three guys are really delish, especially the blonde guy! Oh my!

Louisa Cornell said...

My goodness what a lovely bunch of eye candy to send me off to dreamland. I've been working on my WIP - a hot and heavy love scene - and was winding down until I saw these guys, Trish. Goodness !!

Everyone has listed such great heroes. I love every day heroes and those flashy romance novels heroes too.

My Dad was and remains one of my heroes. He went to war and that was heroic, but I think the most heroic thing he ever did was to love my Mom. He showed us each and every day what a real man who loves a woman is like. He treated her with such respect and devotion and love that it made us all feel secure and it made me, his only daughter, set my sights really high when it came to men. I think a guy who loves his wife, goes to work every day and does it because that is what he is supposed to do is a real hero.

Lynz Pickles said...




What, you really thought I'd be able to concentrate after seeing those pictures? Seriously? Between the picture of a shirtless Shemar Moore over at Romance Bandits last week and these new hotties, my brain is fried. All I'm capable of doing is looking and trying not to drool on my keyboard. I don't want it to be fried, too.

Sebastian from To Have and To Hold is my favourite hero right now. What can I say? I have a thing for a man who's both the villain and the hero, all in one book. Plus once he turns heroic he's so. totally. amazing!

Now where was I? Oh yeah. *siiiigh*

Mary said...

Eddie Cibrian....*sigh* I could look at those dimples all day. But my favorite hero, my all time favorite hero has to be the Carpathian men in Christine Feehan's *dark* series. *yummm*
They are tall, dark, strong, oh man are they built. And to top it off they are other worldly..or paranormal. Kinda like vampires but 'good' not bad. I'll never get enough of the tall, dark, handsome, caring as well as brooding Vampires.

Trish Morey said...

Michele L, I have just been exercising my google muscles - oh wow on the Maksim factor. You mean he looks that good *and* he can dance?

Where do I sign up?

Afraid I've missed the Texas Tenors too, though I do know of Donny Osmond (he's still going? Wow) and the hunky Pierce Brosnan. Great suggestions - thanks!

Trish Morey said...

Louisa, great going on the hot and heavy scene - I just thought you needed a little down time:-)) Sweet dreams!

As for your hero suggestion, I really found myself sighing along with this..."He showed us each and every day what a real man who loves a woman is like. He treated her with such respect and devotion and love that it made us all feel secure and it made me, his only daughter, set my sights really high when it came to men."

That's so wonderful. He sounds like a truly great guy.

Trish Morey said...

Apologies for the fried brain, Lynz, but hey, what a way to go, eh?

I can see I'm going to have to look up this To Have and To Hold and your Sebastian. I love the sound of a man who's villain and hero all in the one book. That sounds amazing. Thank you!

Trish Morey said...

Oh Mary, those Carpathians do have a reputation!

"They are tall, dark, strong, oh man are they built."

Now I'm beginning to understand why. They sound like my kind of heroes! I do so love a man who is, um, built:-))

Sharon Archer said...

Love all your hero images, Trish! And how generous of Anne G to share her hero research with you! Your latest hero looks like he's got real attitude! Good luck with him! ;)

My real life hero - definitely my hubby. I love reading about those hard-to-handle alphas but I'd always want to come home to my down-to-earth man.


Trish Morey said...

Lovely to see you, Sharon! And I can personally vouch for the fact your hubby is a hero - there's not many men who'd be prepared to brave some 200 women at a romance conference and keep smiling all the way through. Your hubby is a true gem.

And thanks for the good luck vibes for handling the upcoming hero. Yeah, attitude in spades. Reckon I might need that good luck:-)

Laurie said...

My heroes are the people whose jobs put them at risk EVERYDAY: policemen, firefighters, soldiers to name a few.

Trish Morey said...

Oh Laurie, I hear you. Mary Jo Putney was just down in Australia speaking at the Downunder conferences and talking about heroes and it was so true what she said - that people who escape a house blaze or fiery encounter aren't the heroes, it's the people who run in there while others are running out, the people who risk their lives to go and save others.

Good call!

Trish Morey said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by with your favourite heroes and why. Emmanuelle was the lucky first plucked out of the hat. Congratulations Emmanuelle!

If you get your snail mail details to Leena (Leena has put a link at bottom of my post) I'll get that book to you asap.

Thanks again and especially to Lee for having me! Hope to see everyone soon!

Emmanuelle said...

Thank youuuuuuu !!!!