Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Covers - Opal Carew

I think every author loves receiving their newest book cover. I look forward to that moment with great anticipation. After all, this is the face of your book… it’s what readers will see when they go to the bookstore or shop on-line. It’s the first impression!

I’ve been blessed with great book covers at St. Martin’s Press. My editor, Rose Hilliard, is a wonderful lady who goes to great effort to watch the market, see what covers are hot, and ensure that my books have fabulous covers… along with the art department and the powers-that-be who give insight and final approval.

I’m a strong believer in leaving the decisions to those who know best and, as far as the marketing of a book is concerned, that’s not me! I do appreciate the fact that Rose always asks my opinion before the cover is designed, and afterward when we see the final results. She wants me to be happy with the covers and that makes an already great relationship even better.

Anyway, why am I talking about book covers? I think it’s because I’m so in love with the really hot covers for my next two books. I’ve recently switched from writing two books a year to writing three book a year and in August I had the interesting experience of receiving the cover for BLISS, my spring 2010 release, before I handed the book in. Partly, that’s because I had some unforeseen delays and had to hand the book in a month later than anticipated. Rose asked me for an updated outline before they started on the cover so they could design something appropriate, and wow, did they ever succeed! Whew, make sure you have a fan because you’ll need it when viewing this cover!

The cover for FORBIDDEN HEAT, my January 2010 release is sizzling, too!

Take a look at both covers!

I don’t have blurbs for either book yet, so please watch my website for updates (, or sign up for my newsletter. You’ll automatically be entered in a draw for a gorgeous necklace. (It’s a tiny, sexy high-heel shoe on a silver chain. So cute!)

Okay, so here’s where I ask your opinion. I’d love to know what you like in a book cover. Please post here to let us know your favourite book cover(s) or what you like to see on a book cover, especially for erotic romance.

I’d like to thank Lee for inviting me to blog. I’d also like to thank all of you by doing a draw for a copy of my latest release SECRET TIES.

To enter the draw, just send me an email at and mark the subject as AuthorSoundRelations Draw. If you post a comment about your favourite book cover here, then I’ll add an extra entry in the draw for you. Just let me know in your email that you posted a comment and provide your blog name. I’ll accept entries until September 30th, then I’ll do the draw shortly thereafter.

Thanks all!
Opal Carew


booklover0226 said...

Hi, Opal and thanks for taking the time to post here.

I really like the cover for Forbidden Heat! Well, I guess you know what type of covers I like! LOL

In erotic romance I like to see at least 2 well shaped men; that's enough for me to pick up!



Alison said...

I prefer covers that don't include the faces - more tantalising!

Jane said...

I love stepback covers. I also like the silhouetted covers seen on many romantic suspense books.

Pat Cochran said...

I like Anna Campbell's covers,
especially if Nathan Kamp is on the
cover! I like the use of bright
primary colors and seeing both the
hero/heroine on the cover. That
cover is an important part of the
basis I use in selecting a book
for purchase!

Pat Cochran

Mari said...

I like covers that are a little on the subtle side. Silhouetted figures and headless torsos (for the boys)...LOL

Mint said...

I like provocative covers, men without shirts are great. Lorelei James has some great covers.

Linda Henderson

CrystalGB said...

I like covers that have vivid colors and represent the theme of the book or the characters.

Armenia said...

Hi Opal,

Especially in erotic romance, I like covers that depict scantily-clad couples in tasteful pose, or very nice female in beautiful lingerie(Sweet Temptation and Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks)

My favorite cover of yours is SECRET TIES, and SIX.

Congratulations on FORBIDDEN HEAT, and I hope you get the cover you like for it.

Cherie J said...

Thanks for guestblogging Opal. I love covers with vivid colors. two of my favorites are The Swan Kingdome by Zoe Marriott and The Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Opal,
I agree with some of the other commenters--for erotic romance, I love the rich colors and couples (yes, with gorgeous bodies) embracing or intertwined. I love the look/feel of be utterly caught up in the passion of the moment, and of the intimacy between the characters.

Your covers are sizzling examples of that! Congrats on them!


robynl said...

I love most covers as I think each one is a work of art in itself. I don't really like the cartoonish ones, sorry; there are so many beautiful ones of scenery and people out there. Debbie Macomber has great covers on her books.

The Christmas story covers always get my attention also.

Virginia said...

I love creativity in book covers, but I also like for the images to match the characters in the book. I enjoy the covers as part of the whole experience of the book. It's very disappointing (and distracting) when the cover images look nothing like the character descriptions in the book. Your book, "Blush" truly looks blushed!
gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Opal Carew said...

Hi. I'm a little late doing the draw, but it's done and the winner is...

Mint (aka Linda Henderson)

Congratulations, Mint!