Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sometimes going back is the right thing to do ...

A freak accident leads to a chance encounter and sparks off a chain of events that will change two people's lives forever ...

There's an old saying that warns "never go back". At various times in our lives, however, we find ourselves revisiting a place, an event - or even a person - from our past. We can be taken back for innumerable reasons ... a birth, a christening, a wedding, illness or death, because of work, or finally accepting the invitation to an old school reunion, or maybe it's the sudden grip of nostalgia, the yearning pull of old memories. All too often, though, going back brings nothing but disappointment. Things have changed, our memories prove to be rose-tinted and what once was is no longer what it seemed, leaving us feeling let down, even cheated, and wishing we had made a different choice and had left the past where it was.

Luke Devlin, the hero in The Rebel Surgeon's Proposal, is faced with just such a choice. An unexpected phone call draws him back to the hometown he escaped at eighteen, vowing never to return. Growing up, he lived under the shadow of the Devlin name, cursed and ostracised because of the reputations of his father and older brothers. Determined not to be like them, he followed his own path, one that took him to London and to medical school, finally earning him a coveted place on the team of Professor James Fielding-Smythe, a renowed orthopaedic surgeon. Luke's career is about to take off ... one of many reasons to ignore the call from home and never to set foot in Strathlochan again.

But there is one reason why he cannot keep away. Francesca Scott. He had thought her lost to him forever. Now she is back. And whatever demons he has to face returning to Strathlochan, he is determined to right the wrongs of the past and to claim Francesca at last.

The Rebel Surgeon's Proposal is the second of my spring/summer duo and the latest stories from my fictional community in Srathlochan. The first of the duo, The Emergency Doctor Claims His Wife, tells Nathan & Annie's story, and is out in the UK in May, Australia in June and the US (via eHarlequin) in August. In a very different way, there is also an element of "going back" involved, only this time to a person and not to a place, as Nathan refinds Annie.

Luke & Francesca's story is out in the UK in June, Australia in July and will be on sale through the eHarlequin website in the US in September. I hope you will enjoy them - and discover if going back was the right thing for Nathan and Luke to do!

How about you? Have you any stories, good or bad, about occasions when you have gone back and faced your past?


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