Monday, June 29, 2009

Beginnings and Endings - Dara Girard

I was thrilled with Leena’s invitation to guest blog. I was even more amazed when she gave me the perfect date to do so. Monday, June 29th the day before the release date of ROUND THE CLOCK, the fourth and final book in The Black Stockings Society series about four women, one club, and a secret that will make all their fantasies come true.

Last year at this time (June 30, 2008) I introduced the series with the first book, POWER PLAY, and ‘mousy’ Mary whose invitation to the society turned her from a lamb into a shewolf.

Then in October 2008 I introduced ‘sultry’ Yvette in A GENTLEMAN’S OFFER who turned her invitation into a Cinderella story.

In January 2009, BODY CHEMISTRY was released. A story where ‘good girl’ Brenda gets a second chance at love with her devilish ex-husband.

And now the series comes to an end with ‘people pleaser’ Anna Marie who is ready to turn the tables on everyone—especially her high school crush, former bad boy Desmond Rockwell.

They proved to be the perfect couple to end this series. At first, I agonized about ending it because more ideas and characters came to mind and I would miss certain returning characters, but I knew the time was right. First the title, ROUND THE CLOCK, is appropriate. I didn’t think about this until much later, but the title suits the end of the series because it’s about completion. Second this novel encompasses what the society represents—dreams coming true, secret benefactors, transformation and, of course, finding true love. Lastly, I wanted to end the series on a high note. To step out in style, which with the four stars rating this book received from Romantic Times BookReviews, I believe I achieved.

So to celebrate the end of this series I’m running a fun contest on my website in July. And if you want to know more about the series watch the video on my website -

Remember never settle for less in life or love.

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Mari said...

Hi Dara, just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoy your books.

Cheri2628 said...

Congrats on the new release!

Anonymous said...

Hi, ladies. Thanks so much!
Dara Girard