Monday, June 01, 2009

Team Betty or Team Veronica? -- Susanna Carr

When I read the news that Archie, the star of the Archie comic books, was going to get married, it reminded me why I don’t like love triangles. They seem to go on forever (68 years in the case of the Archie comic books series), and someone always gets hurt.

And I always get the sense that if there were strong feelings for another person, maybe the couple that winds up together doesn’t love each other enough to find that happily-ever-after.

That said, I’m on Team Veronica, and not because I want a happily-ever-after. I want Archie to suffer. Seriously. Betty is too good for Archie. She needs to forget him and have fun with a bad boy. I’m sure Reggie is available.

So, which team are you on? Team Betty or Team Veronica?


Estella said...

I'm with you . Archie needs to suffer for toying with Betty's affections.

Pam P said...

Team Veronica - yeah, let Archie suffer.

Lois said...

Me. . . well, I didn't even know Archie still had a comic out. LOL And I figured he was always with Betty, so I'm obviously out of the loop quite a bit. So for me, either/or, doesn't matter.


Susan said...

After reading your reasoning I'm with you 100%. So I am on 'Team Veronica' and hoping Archie is suffering!

Pat Cochran said...

Neither! I think he should have chosen one of us! After all, who's
been supporting him all these years?

Pat Cochran

Maureen said...

I loved reading Archie comics when I was in elementary school. They were definitely one of my favorites. I was a Veronica fan simply because her name was so great.