Friday, January 09, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

What do you do to pass the time between new books in your favorite series?

I'm currently deeply, darkly obsessed with Karen Marie Moning's Fae series.

I spend more time than I am willing to admit worrying about Mac and the dire situations she finds herself in. And don't even get me started on Jericho Barrons. I have no idea what he is and I don't care--I love him. But the new book doesn't come out until this summer!

It's the same thing with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series.

The last book in the series broke my heart. Seriously. I ache to know what happens next--I'm desperate!--but I won't have the slightest idea until, once again, the summer. And it's only January! What am I to do?

So far, I've eased the pain by watching Twilight in the movie theater eight times.

Yes. Eight. But that can't hold me forever. (Plus, I read all the books, so I know how it all ends...)

What do you do to ease the pain of the long wait for the next installment of your favorite series?


Karen H in NC said...

You may think this is weird, but when a series from one of my favorite authors starts, I usually wait until all of the books in the series are out and in my sweaty little hands BEFORE I start reading...then I marathon read the entire series. That way, I'm not in any pain because I don't know what I missing...yet. I'll read what I have on hand (my TBR pile is huge) while I'm waiting for all the books in a series to be released.

The only time I haven't done that is the Cynsters series by Stephanie Laurens. She up to book #15 out right now with several in the works.

Raven99 said...

I am really grateful when an author releases an excerpt from the upcoming book that I am waiting for. Once I have the excerpt, I re-read it over and over like a crazy woman until the release day. Doing that seems to help me get by for some reason. If the author doesn't release an excerpt, then I just try my best to think about other books that I am reading and not obsess. That can be a little difficult sometimes.

Estella said...

I just read other new books until the one I am waiting for is released.

Pam P said...

It is hard to wait for the next in some series, but I have so many not yet started so that helps tide me over, lol, I do a marathon on those I've collected but not had a chance to start yet until those I'm dying for finally come out.

The ones I'm finding it hardest to wait for are the next from CL Wilson, Nalini Singh and the Monings right now. I have some suspicions now about Jericho, Syd, sure wish I had the next one right now.

Pat Cochran said...

Amen to what Karen said! That is exactly what I do! Even the Cynster
series, which I read as I locate

Pat Cochran

Michele L. said...

When I was reading the Harry Potter books, I just went on all the websites containing Harry info and read to my heart's content! I will do the same with my other favorite authors book series. I will comb their websites, looking for all info available to keep me sated until the next book comes out.

LJ White said...

Waiting is always the hardest thing to do. I usually end up reading any other books that I have by that author and whine and complain to anybody who's around.

danie88 said...

I read other books... though I still go nuts inside lol