Sunday, November 16, 2008

Working Vacations

Working Vacations

Writers must be workaholics. Or maybe it’s just that our characters and stories never leave us alone. At any rate, I polled my friends, and I found they work every day just like I do. There’s always something to be done, whether it’s a rough draft, edits, galleys, blogs, chats, or other various promotions. That’s not to say I don’t take a day off. I live for those mornings I drive over the hill to have coffee or lunch with a friend in Santa Clara or Woodside or Fremont. Not to mention that I’m an e-mail addict so I’m always in contact with my friends over the Internet.

This week I’m on vacation. Except that I have two blogs plus a chat plus I’ve to get my pages written on the new book. I’ve got a title for it, Yay! Yours for the Night will be out in November 2009. I’m down here, supposedly on vacation, at the most gorgeous resort in Palm Desert. It’s my sister’s timeshare. Ooh, this place is a palace, and the sun is streaming through the blinds. We had the most horrendous drive yesterday. It took 4 hours to get past 3 miles of brush fire (please say prayers for all the people put in danger by these fires). But we’re here! Of course, my sister is still sleeping, and I’m working on my blog. See, it never stops. And while I’m here, I’m going to be scouting out possible settings for Yours for the Night. There’s a romantic gondola ride over at the Marriott Hotel, and a tramway will take you up to the top of the mountain (I’ll have to research the name of that mountain) where there’s a restaurant and fantastic views. And snow. Brrr. I’ll also have to get my pages written, too. So even on vacation I’m working. All of this, of course, makes this vacation tax deductible! I might be a writer at heart, but I’ll never stop thinking like an accountant.

Speaking of vacations, tell me about the places you’ve visited or would love to visit. Be sure to leave a comment along with your e-mail address because one lucky poster will win a copy of Show and Tell, the second book in my Fortune Hunter trilogy.

BTW, Amazon has my Dec 2 release Unlaced on sale right now at a really good preorder price. There’s also fantastic stories in it by Jaci Burton, Joey Hill, and Denise Rossetti. And Berkley has contracted for a second anthology, Unlaced too (Okay, I made up the title as we don’t really have one yet)!

Jasmine, Jennifer and JB!


Terry S said...

Enjoy your time with your sister and make memories!

Counting the real no-work-involved vacations in my lifetime takes less than half the fingers on one hand. As a die hard workaholic I have never taken a vacation at the end of a fiscal year ... until now. This year I'll be spending three weeks with family over the Christmas and New Year holidays in Scotland. This vacation will not include a computer or any work. It means pb&j sandwiches for a l-o-n-g while but totally worth it. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Congrats on "Unlaced". But, you know, November 2009 for the next one sounds so far away.

Paulo said...

I like your blog.

Helen said...

Have a wonderful holiday Jasmine working in a different area is sure to give you more ideas.

I haven't traveled much unfortunatley I have been on a cruise in the Pacific and saw some wonderful romantic Islands and would love to go again but I would love to visit England Scotland and Ireland one day I have read a lot of books set in these places and would love to see the places I have read about.

Have Fun

CrystalGB said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I haven't traveled much. I would love to go to Hawaii and Australia some day.

Jasmine Haynes said...

I know what you mean about the fiscal year, Terry. I never went on a vacation at quarter or year end! But wow, Scotland, that sounds great. I know you'll have a wonderful time.

November 2009 is the book I'm working on. But we're always working a year ahead. So not to worry, Terry, Fair Game is out in June 2009!

Thank you, Paulo!

The Pacific islands sound wonderful, Helen. And I hope you make it to England, Scotland and Ireland!

I'm like you, Crystal, I'd love to go to Australia, too. Someday!

Thanks to all of you for wishing me a good vacation! We're heading out to the pool now. It's actually 92 degrees here! And I bought myself an anklet with bells on it so my sister can find me when I get lost.

Estella said...

Have a wonderful vacation with your sister.

I visited the island of Maui in 1983 and would love to go back.

Gina said...

Have a great time. A Vacation inspires great ideas.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Maui sounds wonderful, Estella. I hope you make it back.

And you're right, Gina, I feel great ideas coming on!

Thanks to you both on the good vacation wishes!

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you all so much for joining me. And the winner of an autographed copy of Show and Tell is Estella! Please email me Estella on! Congratulations!


Michele L. said...

Many blessings for a warm, fun vacation!

I haven't gone out of the country but have traveled to many places in the U.S. I love the southern tip of Florida! Oh, and California and San Francisco are lovely places to visit!

Michele L.