Saturday, November 01, 2008

What Do We Want From Our Heroes? - Melina Morel

In the courtly literature of the Middle Ages, the hero chose a lady to adore from afar and serve. No hugging, no kissing, no fooling around. It was a beautiful concept, the lady put on a pedestal and worshiped by a brave knight who lived to do her bidding, slay dragons, dispose of enemies and in general, make himself useful to his beloved while pining for some small token of her esteem. Love, with a capital L.

Fast forward to modern times. The heroine has a job, duties, responsibility, but still in her heart she yearns for a man who will make her feel like a princess. Even if she actually has a job that provides her with the cash to live like a princess, she wants her One and Only. Romantic love lives. But what does she want and who does she want?

Years ago, a friend of mine surprised me in the middle of the work day by remarking that the first time she saw her ex-husband roaring down her street on his motorcycle, long blond hair flying in the wind and a wicked gleam in his eye, she was hooked. They had quite a saga, with good times and bad, and enough drama to fill volumes, but the memory of that first glimpse of her man of action will never go stale, and will probably remain with her into the furthest reaches of old age, a dazzling memory of a time when all the world was theirs for the taking.

What kind of man puts a sparkle in your eye and makes you want to keep turning the pages? Do you like the flashy guy with the attitude who makes you want to take him down a peg until you find out he really has a heart of gold. Do you like the Take-Charge man who can solve any problem except the female mystery he encounters in the person of the heroine? Or do you like the untamed guy, revving his engine and daring the woman to come along for the ride, even though it’s going to be a wild one?

Tell me what kind of hero rocks your world.

Melina Morel


Avi J said...

The alpha male is my pick. Not an overbearing one just protective, and take charge

Maureen said...

I want my hero to have some alpha hero and some beta hero traits. I want him to be tough but sensitive and I want him to take charge but not turn the heroine into a doormat.

Michele L. said...

I like the protective hero's. I love cop stories where they protect the heroine from danger. I remember reading a story where the guy pushed the girl down as a shot rang out. He completely covered her body. Ooo hot!