Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Time To Reflect

Life is in a whirl at the moment.

I live and work in the Washington, D.C. area. And national events within the last 24 hours have dominated my world. How can I not be affected by the U.S. election experience?

My political persuasion doesn't matter. What matters is the democratic process that was used to build, develop, inspire a nation. An experience that occurred without warring factions, bloodshed, or threats of suppression.

Children and young adults were included by parents and relatives to bear witness to their civic responsibility. My children held mock elections at their schools. They were excited about the level of debate among their peers. My daughter had friends who didn't agree with her idealogies. But more importantly, they could still be friends.

I'm happy that as a woman, I can vote. I can be equal. I can be a romance writer without persecution.

I'm happy that as a mother, I can guide my daughter towards opportunities and choices of life.

Every four years, the election process underscores what America is all about. And simply, I love it.

Michelle Monkou


Pat Cochran said...

I've voted in every election since 1960, when I voted for John F.
Kennedy. I wouldn't ever not vote, but it was close this time. The
process was absolutely too long this
time! It seems to me as if the
election process needs to be studied
and tightened up!

Pat Cochran

Avi J said...

I agree michelle, living in a democratic country is truly a blessing. When I see other world events and the opression occuring I am very thankful for the country I live in.

Gina said...

Freedom of Worship is something I am very thankful for. I always count it a blessing that I live in a democratic society.

Estella said...

My state has by mail voting, so the process wasn't too bad.

Michelle Monkou said...

After seeing the hell that is going on in the Congo, I'm feeling pretty blessed.


Helen said...

Here in Australia voting is compulsary but I am proud to vote in all of the elections. We have council state government and federal government elections and except for waiting in cues I don't have a problem with voting.

Have Fun

Michele L. said...

I have voted ever since 1979. The election lines weren't long at when I went to vote. I guess I was lucky because my boss said he had to wait over an hour and a half to vote. I live in a town 15 minutes away from his town and his town is bigger.

I just hope the economy gets better when Obama gets in.