Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Season of Giving

This is the season of thankfulness and of giving, and in that spirit I would like to bring to your attention a fabulous opportunity for the booklover in your live or to yourself (perhaps your loved ones are open to a little subtle hinting!) The cause is a fundraiser for author Jo Leigh and the long list of gifts will be put up for eBay bidding starting this weekend.

For writers: author, agent and editor critiques and mentorship opportunities, some by NYT bestselling authors, others by multiple RITA finalists, all of them extraordinary opportunities. Also promotional gifts including website and blog design, website hosting, community membership, promo newsletter, book video, bookcover design, etc.

Anne Gracie and I are offering an on-line workshop for the month of January, exclusive to this auction and suitable for writers of category or single title romance, whether starting with a story idea, honing an outline, or revising a completed draft.

For book lovers (aren't we all?): bundles of books--complete libraries by some authors--which include hard-to-come-by-new backlist titles, ARC's, and gift baskets including books, gift vouchers, chocolate, spa products, calendars and diaries and other lovely goodies.

For everyone: a scrapbooking opportunity, a beautiful quilt, handmade jewellery, your name as a character in a book, and lots more. I hope you will take a look and consider adding your help by bidding. And do check the website often as more lots will be added.


Anna Campbell said...

This is a great cause, Bron! I hope everybody gets behind it in a big way. The prizes are amazing. I think that workshop you and Anne Gracie are offering is fantastic! Oh, and on a personal note, check out the Romance Bandits basket. There's some serious goodies in there!

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Oh, Anna, you're right! What a fabulous basket of goodies. Books, chocolate, gift voucher, spa goodies. Perfect!!!

(Aside: My word verification is crudemob which is so inappropriate for this group.)


Anna Campbell said...

I dunno, Bron. You ARE talking to me! Or perhaps I don't constitute a mob although the way my pre-Christmas celebrations are going, I soon will!

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Next time you have a (small) mob together for pre-Christmas celebrations, do have a glass for me, please Anna.


Avi J said...

Hi bron, How cool. l will make sure to check it out. A worthy cause.

Michele L. said...

This is a fabulous cause Bron! The prizes sound fantastic!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Michele L.

Helen said...

I will be checking this out a great cause

Have Fun

Gina said...

Thanks bronwyn for letting us know.