Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Christine Rimmer's Evening Angels

I like my treasures around me where I work. I like my Tweetie Bird mug and the lamp my dh bought me for my desk--and my James Christensen print, Evening Angels. That's it to the left.

And here you see it keeping me company in my old office.

And here it is again, lookin' good in my workspace in my current office.

Those angels inspire me. They make me smile and they make me feel like someone good is watching over me. Those angels are my angels. My workspace wouldn't be the same without them.

I found my Evening Angels in an art shop in Grass Valley, California over a decade ago. I dragged the DH over to admire them. He grinned. "I see what you mean. All the major food groups--blond, brunette, redhead and silvery-gray." I groaned and poked him in the side with my elbow. And then we agreed I should have that print.

Does everyone love their treasures around them in their work areas? Do you?

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Lois said...

Well, at this point I'm surrounded more by books than anything else (which isn't a bad thing, I grant you LOL), but there is a Phantom or two looking back. . . an Ernie balloon (as in Sesame Street), one of my Darth Vaders looking at me, but yep, vastly more books all around, wherever you look. :)


Christine Rimmer said...

Lois, books are good! Books are very, very good. And Phantoms and Ernie balloons and Darth Vaders, as well. I have mucho books as well. They fill the bookcases on three walls--though not visible in these pics.

Margaret Cloud said...

I have the things around me that inspire me on, your work area looks really nice.

Christine Rimmer said...

Margaret, thanks! I got my present office when younger son moved in with buddies his sophomore year of college. I miss having him home, but I sure like the nice space!

As to things that inspire, I so agree. I also have pictures of other authors I admire and paintings by my grandmother. And a photo of my mom at 16, standing on a snowy mountain. So inspiring!

Estella said...

I have books, fabric, embroidery thread, etc around my workspace.
My computer, sewing machine and serger are also here.

Christine Rimmer said...

Estella, I'm intrigued. Is your work about sewing? Or do you write about sewing. Or embroidery. Or...?

Donna Alward said...

I have my first Harlequin Romance cover flat on the top of my desk. Mostly i just love having an office and not a cubbyhole! I love my desk. I also have a new cherry filing cabinet, a new futon for curling up and reading, and a framed print by the artist that did...yep, back to the beginning...the cover of my first Harlequin Romance.

We just moved so there are a few more pictures to go up on the wall. The other thing in my office? My dog. She has a mat beside the filing cabinet. She had a "play date" last night and is still tuckered out - she's snoring beside me!

Christine Rimmer said...


So wonderful when you finally get a real office. I spent a few of my writing years in corners of various living rooms. I love "a room of my own" just for writing.

Re your dog. I'm the same--only with cats. I have two. They drape themselves everywhere. One loves to sit on the computer backup box. I think it's the warmth. The other sprawls on the floor--favoring splashes of sunlight.

And I do think it's inspiring to have that first cover nearby. Reminds us of all we've accomplished.

Diana Holquist said...

Oh dear, I'm surrounded by mounds of folded/unfolded laundry, unpaid bills, and empty coffee cups.

Oh, and cats who insist on pushing the caps lock key.

That can't be good...

:- )


Christine Rimmer said...


Unfolded laundry? Good! Who needs to fold laundry when we've got great books to write?!

And le sigh re the cats. They do love computer keyboards. They were probably all writers in their last life...