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What does it - Trish Wylie

I've been writing for the UK's Modern Heat line for eighteen months now and in May my fifth book Claimed By The Billionaire Bad Boy hits the shelves. This one taught me something. It taught me that it would seem I find hard working guys sexier than a man in a suit... and a combination of both? Cold shower anyone?

In the States I think you call them Blue Collar workers, yes? Over here they're just workmen - plumbers, chippies, bricklayers... and having had the experience of living next to building sites a lot I can tell you that some of them - not that sexy. No Diet Coke break guys round my way. Unfortunately. And yet when I started writing for the Modern Heat line there was nothing as hot on the page for me as the kind of guy who was good with his hands both in AND out of the bedroom.

Which kinda begs the question of what fantasy it taps into... What IS the magic ingredient?

We all know that romance's are all about the fantasy and the escapism and it's a proven fact that Harlequin titles with the words Billionaire or Millionaire or Tycoon or even Boss are all firm favourites with readers. But what about a guy who'd built his fortune out of the office/boardroom environment? Let's take Gabe in Claimed By The Billionaire Bad Boy as an example; Gabe owns a huge construction firm and a property company - he built them from the ground up, literally. As a teenager he started working on construction sites and then he put crews together and so on and so on. He's a rich guy. He owns the company. But at heart he's still that practical guy who dresses down and goes out to do the manual labour when it needs done. Does this make him more or less sexy? Does it feed the fantasy or not?

In my May Presents release Her Bedroom Surrender (a Modern Heat gone Stateside) I have another one. Rory owns a chain of Gym/Health Club businesses with his younger brother. He's the boss. He's well off. BUT he only does it part time cos in order to fund the set up of the businesses he's been working as a Body Guard in the Middle East. He's an ex-soldier. He's home cos he got shot. That hardly makes him man in a suit material...

Even as I speak to you I'm working on another Modern Heat. Now at this point I'm going for out and out fantasy money. My hero is the eldest son in an uber-rich family. They split their time between New York and Martha's Vineyard and the Hamptons. BUT he's the black sheep, at the start of the book he's the returning prodigal. And he turns up on a honking beast of a motorcycle with a bad-boy attitude and a genius I.Q. that means he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He's sexy as the day is long in my opinion. BUT which fantasy does he fulfill? I like to hope a little of all of them. He's certainly doing it for me ;)

Romance novels tap into our fantasy's, plain and simple. And the fact there are so many authors delving into a hint of their own fantasy's to bring something we swoon over to the page means those fantasy's are diverse, right? So let's have a joint confession session...

What does it for you?

You all know I like a guy with a sense of humor, we discussed that the last time I was here. But what about the 'category of hero' - suited businessman or blue collar guy - cowboy or man in uniform - royalty or sheikh - single parent or bad-boy rebel??? Is he 100% removed from what you look for in real life or an exaggerated version of the man of your dreams? Or is he exactly the kind of guy you're holding out for in real life and have yet to find? Fess up. You're amongst friends ;) What's your fantasy guy?

Now just to prove I'm never put off a challenge I'm gonna offer a copy of Her Bedroom Surrender to one lucky commenter who I'll select next week. I've had no success with this thus far but I'm game to try again if you are...

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Cheri2628 said...

Thanks for joining us today. First let me mention that I have been happily married for 3o years to a wonderful man, and I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else. But if we are talking about fantasies here, then my fantasy guy would be someone who is larger than life. Two men come to mind. First, there's George Clooney. He is rich, handsome, charming, funny,and a real man's man. This would be a great guy to see the world with and experience new things. He would be very more ways than one! The second fantasy man for me would be someone like Patrick Dempsey. He shares many of George's traits, but he is also a strong family man. A man who is devoted to his wife and children is very sexy to me. Patrick also plays a doctor, and being a doctor is a noble profession. Part of a guy's sexiness can be found in his choice of profession. A guy who has a profession that serves other people is attractive to me. Actually, I can think of lots of fantasy guys! As an avid reader, I read about all kinds of men and often fall in love with the hero while the heroine does. I love to read about cowboys, dukes, CEO's, police officers, army rangers, detectives, highlanders,princes, art thieves, single dads,shieks, etc.,etc.!

Natasha Oakley said...

Ooh I definitely like a reformed bad boy. Now, bad boys in real life aren't really a great idea. I have the emotional scars to prove it BUT in fiction they are just perfect. Hmmmmmmm.

Jane said...

I love a man in uniform, who can protect himself and everyone. I think having a sense of humor is a must, but smart is sexy, too.

Stefanie said...

My dream guy is tall, dark and handsome.(who wouldn't want one of those :P)
Or guys with emotional scars. The way love makes them feel better is so wonderful!!

Donna Alward said...

Don't put me in the running hon as you know I have the book already. BUT....what does it for me?

Uniforms. Cops, EMT's, Soldiers. MMM MMMM MMMM. I also like guys who can blow things up. LOL

Also on the visual scale...suits and tuxes are nice but put a guy in a t-shirt and a great *ahem* in a pair of faded jeans and I'm just DONE. Rough, ready and capable. Duhhhhroooool.

My two other turnons are a sense of humour...if you can't laugh then you aren't gonna last 5 minutes with me. And intelligence. A man with an open mind...coming back to Cheri's Clooney THANG his big turn on for me was the day he was on Oprah and he said he didn't think he was super smart, he was just curious and asked me that's what intelligence is all about - the thirst to know more. So those things are really really sexy to me.

Estella said...

I love them all----cowboys, soldiers, mercenaries, firemen, CEO's, construction workers------------you get the idea.

Pat Cochran said...

Cheri, like you, I've been married
to my Honey for many happy years and
wouldn't have it any other way!!
In my reading, though, I'll take one
of each of the fellows in your blog
and all the posts! I'm not greedy,
I just love reading about them all!
And they make me happy!! So thank
you, Trish, for helping to make me
a happy reader!!!

Pat Cochran

Maureen said...

I think it's the men in uniform, soldiers, policemen, firemen who are my favorites in romance novels.

Dina said...

My dream guy has brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, sharp, witty and humorous and a nice accent, I love Scottish or British accents.

robynl said...

Hi and welcome.
My dream guy is supportive, wears t's and jeans for casual and a Navy uniform for work. I love me Mark Harmon(David James Elliott)in JAG on TV. He should have a sense of humor and be very protective of me.

Margaret McDonagh said...

Men - my favourite subject, Trish!!

I'm definitely a doctor, firefighter, cowboy, park ranger, rescue worker, blue collar kind of girl. Sense of humour, definitely. Sexy, absolutely. And just a hint of danger and bad boy to give that delicious frisson that this may be just a bit too much man for a girl to handle!!!

Someone who has made it on his own, is dedicated but not arrogant, knows what he wants and goes out to get it, but who is caring of others, too, with a heart of gold, someone who puts himself in the line of fire when needed and, when the right woman comes along, puts his heart on the line.

Strong but vulnerable, protective, intelligent, caring, noble and honest, with a sense of mischief and fun.

Those are the heroes I love to read and write and fantasise about.


Gigi said...

The self made man would have to be my idea dream guy or a doctor with great morals.
A long as he was devoted I would be happy. I have been married to a very devoted guy for 24 years.
So I am ahappy lady.

mulberry said...

There are so many things that could make a guy sexy, aren't there? In real life, the things that make my dh most sexy are his faithfulness and devotion to me, no matter what. The mischeivous gleam in his blue eyes, and the way they crinkle up at the corner when he smiles help! Biceps really do it for me too, not necessarily ripped gym type muscles, but big upper arms that give a sense of male strength and solidity, that this is a man I can trust to keep me safe and secure.

Your latest hero sounds wonderful, I'm just visualising him on a building site, his sleeves rolled up, eyes narrowed a little against the sun as he measues something up- phwoar!

Aideen said...

Hi Trish,

Seeing as it is 'fantasy' we're talking about I guess that rules my hubbie out.
Cos I already got him!

Ok, definitely a blue collar guy does it all the time. Simply cos I love dirty men, literally.
Cowboys do something for/to me that takes my breath away. I love em, I want to be taken to Montana to a real ranch for my fortieth and I'm already dropping hints. (Its not for nine years!)
Give me a man in faded jeans, tee shirt and well defined arms and I'm sooo happy.
Strap on a tool belt and I'm...well, honestly I'm a goner.
I like a tux but only on occassion. Cos then its a real treat and something to look forward to.
I love, love love hands that are callused, scarred, strong and know what to do when the time comes. Be it in a working capacity or a bedroom scenario. I'm feeling a little flushed right now, must be the heat from this computer...

By the way, hubbie is a working man (electrician) and some of the things he can do are pretty amazing. And by that I mean wiring houses, changing light bulbs etc...


Cherie J said...

I definitely like guys who are disciplined so I like military heroes, CEO's, law enforcement heroes, etc.

Ruth C. said...

Like Cheri - I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else --DH and I will celebrate 42 years this July.

Men in uniforms are HOT!!!

DH was in the Navy and the pictures I've seen of him are HOT!!

We didn't meet until 6 months after he was out of the Navy.

Yep, uniforms, kilts and cowboys are it.!!!!

MY DH has a great sense of humor is tall and extremely handsome (at least to me).

One of the first things I noticed about him was his smile and how his eyes even laughed.

I guess my perfect fantasy would be my hubby in his Navy uniform or a kilt (of course, I don't think he would ever agree to wearing a kilt). Oh, well, I can fantsize, can't I??