Friday, May 09, 2008

Contests, Contests, Contests!

by Anna Campbell

There's so many chances for you all to win prizes this month!

Firstly, I'm running a Harlequin Presents contest through my website. I cleaned out the prize cupboard and came across some great signed HPs that I'd love to give away. So many, in fact, that I'm giving away two prizes of four books each. The books are:

ONE-NIGHT LOVE CHILD by Anne McAllister (signed bookmark)

All you need to do is pop by my website and answer a simple question. Good luck!

Sophia Nash is giving away a signed copy of UNTOUCHED, my second book, in her May contest. You just need to call by her website and answer a question. And while you're there, check out the great excerpt from her latest release THE KISS.

Jennie Lucas is offering two signed copies of CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, my first book which she called "her absolute favorite romance she's read all year". Just visit her website and, you've got it, answer a simple question.

Finally in this cornucopia of giveaways, the Romance Bandits blog, my regular gig, is a year old this month and our readers get to celebrate. We're giving away a whole stack of prizes including books, book vouchers, Romance Bandits goodies, chocolates and critiques. Details here.

Have you ever won anything amazing in a contest? I won a box of Beatles LPs once in a contest through our local newspaper by finishing the song title A Hard Day's... Which is a bit of a no-brainer!


Michele L. said...

Hi Anna,

I have won many contests over the years but the biggest prize I ever won was from Carly Phillips. I won the whole set of her "HOT ZONE" books along with an ARC of the latest one in the series all signed by her. Along with an I-Pod, $25.00 certificate to I-Tunes, a stuffed Digger the Dog, and a card personally made out to me from Carly. I was so excited that I was on cloud nine for days!

This was a fun blog question Anne! Congratulations on all the great books you have put out over the years! Have a great weekend!

Michele L.

robynl said...

One time I won a box of 10 board games. What a surprise and delight when they arrived. The box was huge and I could not figure out what it was; even upon opening I was stunned for a short while and then remembered sending in an entry every month for a year. I had won for Oct. I believe.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Michele! Glad you enjoyed the blog. I just thought there are so many chances to win out there this month, both my stuff and great stuff of other people's, it seemed a great opportunity to let people know. And please check out the Romance Bandits prizes - there's some great stuff there.

Wow, the Carly Phillips prizes sound great. Congratulations. I tend not to win very much in contests. But this Beatles box was cool - it was every album they ever made and I'm a Beatles fan!

Anna Campbell said...

Robyn, what a great prize! I bet rainy days in your house are still fun. I love board games. I'm just racking my brains to think if I've won anything else interesting. One one a completely repulsive doll lamp in a raffle at an eisteddfodd. Do you have those over in the U.S.? They're singing/music/poetry contests, generally entered by schoolkids and run locally so you get performance experience. I used to play the piano so I was a regular! Anyway, this lamp was just AWFUL! I doe-eyed girl in lime green Victorian dress as the base. Ugh! There was that pretty-pretty side to 70s style (and I use the word 'style' loosely) that really hasn't lasted the test of time. Anyway, I managed to find a sucker...uh, BUYER for the lamp which was great when I was a poor high school kid so I guess I shouldn't complain about winning it.

Annie West said...

Hi Anna,

Just online for the first time in days and I log on to find my book cover in your post. That made me smile!

The prize I remember winning wasn't actually won by me! My little boy (as he was then) entered a raffle they had at his school for mother's day. The prize was a gift for mum: a basket filled with so many goodies from chocolate and champage to a voucher for a facial, soaps and sweet smelling goodies. It was a huge hamper! I remember him coming home from school after he and his sister (it was too heavy for him to carry all the way along) toted it up the hill and down the other side to our place. His eyes were huge and shining with delight. The excitement was something we all enjoyed.


Pat Cochran said...

Before I discovered the Internet and authors and their blogsites,
I was very much into sweepstakes contests. At first, I won lots of smaller prizes, then graduated to larger items. Late in the '90s I won a Food Network package w/ Two Hot Tamales cookware, a Cuisinart food processor/blender combo, and
a mountain bike & helmet. In 1997,
I won the star in my sweeps crown:
a trip for 2 to Venice, Italy!!

Pat Cochran

Jane said...

I've never won anything as exciting or big as these ladies, but I remember winning a clock-radio in a raffle when I was in elementary school. Since I was so young, the feeling of excitement and joy was incredible. Nowadays, I get excited when I win $20 from a scratch off game. I still dream of winning the lotto.

Donna Alward said...

I won a mother's day basket from a local retailer a few years back. It was lovely. I've used what was in the basket, and now use the basket itself for guest towels. LOL

Anna Campbell said...

Annie, what a lovely story about your son. Knowing him as I do, I can picture him almost vibrating with excitement when he won that for you. He is a LOVELY boy! You're a very lucky mother.

Pat, I still think your Venice trip takes the cake. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Someone I knew won a contest through their local radio station to follow U2 through a European tour and actually got to meet them. That USED to be my favorite contest-winning prize but I think yours might beat it for me, partly because I love Venice so much.

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, it's actually just nice to WIN something, isn't it? That feeling that fate has tapped you on the shoulder and given you a smile!

Donna, your Mother's Day basket sounds like it might be a cousin to Annie's prize. What a great thing to win!

Dina said...

I won many things, just nothing major like a trip, darn it, lol, but I'm still trying, but it's always fun to win something. :) Books, Guess sunglasses, dvds, raffle items, raffle items.

Anna Campbell said...

Dina, that stuff is always cool. Wouldn't it be great if you could win a trip to Greece and try all those things Annie was talking about yesterday?

Dina said...

Anna, that would be awesome!!!
I need to get a passport, just in case, lol.

A local radio station is offering a trip to London this month, I have enetered, but really, what are my chances??

Anna Campbell said...

Dina, I suspect like with all contests, your chances are as good as anyone else's. And hey, a trip to London would be awesome! Good luck!

Dina said...

I know Anna, thanks. :)

Maureen said...

I have won some wonderful books and some gift cards. It's fun to enter a contest because there is the possibility you might win.

Anna Campbell said...

Dina, please let us know if you win. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Maureen, one of the lovely things about winning a book in a contest is that you discover writers you might otherwise not have known about. There's always a lot of giveaways at writers' conferences and I've picked up some amazing books that otherwise I would have never read. A lot of those authors have gone on to become auto buys for me.