Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Books to Get Lost In by Megan Crane

I just heard that one of my favorite new tv shows, Women's Murder Club, has been cancelled.

TV makes me so mad. As if it wasn't bad enough that they cancelled Journeyman, my other favorite new show this season. This is why I spend whole months not watching TV at all, and retreating into books instead. Especially great, sprawling books that lure me away from my own life and make it difficult to come out of them.

For example, I finished reading the brand new Marian Keyes novel, This Charming Man the other night. Talk about a book well worth sinking into. I love Marian Keyes. Her books are big, rich treats that let you get lost inside them. This new one is no different. Four different women with a certain connection to one man, and four different, complicated stories. So very, very good.

I also recently read Sugar Daddy and Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas. Both are fantastic books on their own; together, they transported me to a whole different world. This time to Texas, where everyone and everything is larger than life, extraordinarily good-looking, and actions have fascinating consequences. So delicious.

I'm currently reading the final book in Scott Westerfield's Midnighters trilogy. The trilogy focuses on a group of teenagers in Bixby, Oklahoma who discover they have superpowers during a magical extra hour of the day that occurs each midnight. These books are engrossing and addictive, so start them at your own risk!

What about you? What books draw you in, and make it hard for you to drag yourself back out?


Marti said...

I just finished reading "Beginner's Greek" by James Collins which I picked up because of a random review. I usually read on public transportation and I would get annoyed when we arrived at my destination and I had to stop. Reading at home I had the advantage of being alone and thus able to yell at the characters for, well being themselves. I love books like that that make you want to shake them a little while you're laughing and crying. So good!!

Aideen said...

Marion Keyes is hilarious, I can always rely on her to bring some fabulous distraction and humour into my life. Not that I need much, I have a household of small people to keep me distracted and laughing.
But the books that have consistently transported to me to another world and kept me there for days on end are the In Death series.
Of course, I adore anything Nora Roberts but when JD Robb lets loose, well I just about move in with Eve and Roarke. It is undoubtedly the most compelling series I've ever read and it shows no sign of slowing down.
If you haven't already read them, go get em asap and you'll understand when I say time stops while reading them. I have to almost always finish each one in one sitting.
Fascinating stuff, typical Nora.


Megan Crane said...

I've heard of "Beginner's Greek" but never read it; I'll have to check it out.

And Aideen, I am with you on the JD Robb books. I just love them. I almost always finish them in one sitting too!

Cherie J said...

Nalini Singh's psy/changeling series does it for me. I also love Christine Feehan's books.

Margaret McDonagh said...

Far to many to name them all, but absolute musts off the top of my head are:-
anything and everything by Christina Jones;
the Dirk Pitt books by Clive Cussler;
Christine Feehan - especially the Dark and Leopard books;
Jill Shalvis;
Lori Foster.
And a gazillion more!