Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barbados, Here I Come -- Michelle Monkou

At the end of June, I'll be hopping on a plane to head to the Caribbean. And I am an island girl at heart. This year, the destination is Barbados. It'll be my third time on this island. My writing career goal is to make Barbados, a second home.

For a glorious week, my family, my brother and his family, including our mother will hang out, connect with family friends, and hopefully make more friends. I can't wait.

I do have some sizzling romances set in the Caribbean. But I've used fictitious islands.Now that I'll be there as tourist and hanging with the locals, I'll be sure to make Barbados one of my settings. Of course, for tax purposes, this will be business and pleasure LOL.

As the excitement builds, I have to make sure my work is in order before I leave. Must have my pet care in place for the cat. And for the most important thing, I need to have clothes and beachwear. Since we're coming out of the winter months, I do have the same spring and summer clothes from last year and the year before. I won't go further back because I'm not sure those clothes still fit :-)

But I sense a day of shopping ahead. My daughter will be close to me, since she relishes any opportunity for money to be spent on her. But we must get our shorts, tank tops, fun skirts, and swimsuits. With the sun and my daughter's vitiligo, sunscreen is important and critical.

Speaking of swimsuit, I know it won't be a bikini. The last time I wore a bikini I was probably 9 years old and when I came out of the pool the top was sitting above my flat chest. And everyone laughed. Scarred for life, I never put on another one. Now that I'm pleasantly thick, there's no freaking way that I'm doing that for another laugh fest.

But I've jumped on the treadmill. I'm walking and walking and walking. Last night I actually put the slice of pizza that I was going to sample back in the box. I ate my bran cereal instead and imagined the cheese and tomato sauce. But with Barbados on the horizon and RWA's San Francisco conference just around the corner, I have incentive.

Twenty-three days and counting. Barbados, here I come!

Michelle Monkou


Pat Cochran said...

Good luck, Michelle, on your health
program! Have a wonderful time in
the islands!

Pat Cochran

Michelle Monkou said...

Thanks, Pat. Either way, I'll be having a blast in the blue water regardless of how my body transforms LOL


Estella said...

Have a great Island time!

Jane said...

I'm so jealous, I wish I was going to Barbados. I would love to hang out on the beach and have some cocktails. Have a great trip.

Michelle Monkou said...

Thanks Estella and Jane. Considering the high airline prices, I was pretty lucky to find something $200-$300 lower than the average price. That also meant leaving on a different day than the weekend. But I was ecstatic once I got my airline confirmation.


Janice said...

Have an absolutely fabulous time Michelle.

I'm looking forward to my very first caribbean cruise at the end of June also.

Uh since you're going shopping anyway...want to take my list also. lol


Celeste O. Norfleet said...

Barbados sounds divine. Any way I can walk there? I hate to fly, over water, no way. Have a great time. Take lots of photos to post.

~ Celeste

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Have a great time in Barbados!!

Beverly said...

Have a great time.
I see we have one of the same goals - to visit as many Caribbean islands as possible.

Louise said...

Well Michelle,
Seem like you are ready to have some fun. Enjoy the sight seeing and the shopping and have been busy. Barbados sound wonderful I am hoping to get there one day. Between you and Wayne you all should have some great STORY to tell. Have a great and wonderful time.


Shelia said...

Michelle, have fun on your trip. Take plenty of pictures and please don't forget to share when you get back :)

Emma Petersen said...

Don't you love shopping for a trip? It's as much a part of the trip as the trip itself to me. :D

You guys are going to have so much fun. And what a awesome family trip.