Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Animals We Love

I don’t have children, but I do fill my life with animals. If you’ve ever looked at my website, you’ve seen pictures of my dog Star and my cat Eddie Munster. I think animals bring a lot of joy into our lives. They love you unconditionally. Yes, even cats! Eddie has to sit on my lap every night when I watch TV. Star needs her fifteen minutes of petting before she can go to sleep. Um, yes, they sleep on the bed. Pets also filter into my writing. In my story Somebody’s Ex (which appeared in Somebody’s Lover), my heroine Randi had a Norwegian Elkhound just like Star. She even gave the dog Norwegian commands. In It Must Be Magic, which was a Jennifer Skully release in 2007, my heroine’s cat played a very prominent role. Lili could talk to animals and her next door neighbor’s cat tells her that he saw a murder out in the woods. Of course Lili has to solve the crime, with the help of her two cat friends (and her hunky next door neighbor). Her cat Einstein was very snarky and very fun to write. Einstein was a lot like my Eddie Munster. I imagine that’s exactly how Eddie would sound if he could actually talk to me, oh wait, I mean if I could understand him. Because he does talk to me. So you can see that animals are an integral part of my life and my writing. I’d love to hear about your pets.

Jasmine Haynes, Show and Tell, Coming July 2008.


Estella said...

I have five old cats. I have had them since they were kittens. Nico is a neutered tom, 19 years old.
Purrs-Alot is a white 18 year old.
Callie is a 18 year old calico. Purrsie and Callie are sisters.
Bobbi is a long haired , bob tailed black and white, 11 year old.
Tara is a black eleven year old.
Needless to say the sleep just about any place the want to.
Bobbi and Tara are on my bed right now and the other three are on the back of the couch.

Jane said...

I've never had a pet growing up, so they haven't been a huge part of my life. I do have fish now and I enjoy them as pets.

Pat Cochran said...

We've only had one longtime pet in
our family life. Eldest son and
eldest daughter were in the marching band at the University
of Houston when a stray cat who hung about the band hall had
a litter in a box of pompoms.
They asked about bringing a kitten home. Dad said "NO!" They came
in one evening carrying a uniform hat box and placed it on Dad's chest, as he slept on the couch. The box began moving! It was a
tiny orange tabby. Of course, he
stayed: for twelve years. The kids
named him Gerald (after a goofy
band member) because the kitten
tried nursing on his mother's paw
while his litter mates nursed at
the appropriate site!

Pat Cochran

Dina said...

I have a alge fish, sorry can't remember what it's called, that I call Sucky fish, lol and my dog that has id almost 9, who I love very much, she has helpd me in so many ways just for the love she gives me and of course when she sasses back, lol.

Margaret McDonagh said...

I love the sound of your animals. I'm a mad animal lover and I frequently use animals as characters in my books.

Sadly I am down to four cats at home but I also sponsor an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya, an orphaned baby orangutan in Borneo and a guide dog puppy in training in the UK!


Gigi said...

I have a soon to be nine year old English Springer Spaniel named Bridgette. She is the other kid in the family.
She lives inside with us and she thinks she is the middle child.
Now that my girls are just about grown Bridgette is my baby.

I also have an outside cat named Precious. She is about 14 years old.
She was a foundling so we took her in. She has always been half wild but she is the greatest mouser.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Wow, thank you all so much for your animal stories. Loving pets can be such a big part of our lives. Even fish!