Thursday, March 13, 2008

What my GPS has taught me - Ann Roth

Recently, my husband bought me a GPS. As a directionally challenged person, I appreciate this amazing tool. My GPS is female and talks in such a sweet voice. Very polite and genteel... Unless I fail to follow her directions.

"Recalculating," she states in a slightly less pleasant tone. If I still ignore her, she becomes terse. By the third or fourth time she sounds both angry and... slightly drunk. It's funny to me, but not to her. I have angered her several times..

The secret is to learn to trust her. It's taken months, but I finally listen to her. She's taken me to places using routes I'd never have thought of, avoiding traffic and getting me there much faster than normal. I've grown to like her very much.
But if I know where I'm going and want to do things my way, I turn her off. That makes us both very happy.
What does all this talk about a GPS have to do with writing? you may ask. There are writers out there who know more than I do, or who know a different route to reaching a goal. Listening to them could get me there faster or help me become a better writer-something every writer wants.

On the other hand, trusting your gut instinct, that voice within that says, "Yes, that's a good suggestion, something I'll use," or "No, I'm not going to do that" is equally important. Learning how to combine the two-that's the trick.

Until later,
The Pilot's Woman, March 2008, a Romantic Times top pick!


Gigi said...

Cool topic.
I can see your point with the GPS.Sometime I don't want to take the shortest route I want to take a longer safer route. You know not through the seedy part of a town. I can imagine that writing is the same way. Not every author is the same in their writing style and likes to take their on comfortable route to completion of a project.

Ann Roth said...

Gigi- I like the way you see things. :-) Nicely said!

Karen H in NC said...

I think it is hilarious to get such kicks out of making your GPS angry. Of course, taking the scenic route often allows one to see things one would otherwise miss. Sort of like 'stop and smell the roses'.

Ann Roth said...

Karen H- It IS funny. Every once in awhile, she gets her revenge... Back in January, my dh and I arrived in Florida late at night (thanks to a very late plane-NEVER fly US Air). We used the GPS to navigate our way to the cottage we'd rented. At one point the thing directed us to turn left. Then turn right, right again, and left again- a perfect square that put us right back on the main route. Talk about funny! :-)

Pat Cochran said...

Honey and I take turns being the GPS
in our vehicle and it gets comical
at times! What we try to avoid is
the "I told you so" moments, when
the "GPS" is in any way incorrect!!

Pat Cochran

Ann Roth said...

Pat- You're right. It's something you and your honey can chuckle over together.A new form of entertainment, for sure. :-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Interesting topic!

Hmm... I don't have a GPS. But I'm thinking I made to get one--for comic relief at least!

Ann, driving the perfect square made me laugh out loud.

Ann Roth said...

Me, too, Jennifer. If you don't laugh, you might kill the thing. :-)

Cryna said...

Ann - I don't have an GPS either. But I think that I would really make it mad at me - because I have a hard time telling my left from my right. Can you imagine the picture now, driving down the road and told to turn left and I go right or past the turn because I was trying to figure out which direction she meant.

I am much better now, and I remember when I used to be navigating my husband or father about where to turn - they always glanced to see which way I was pointing rather than what I had actually said......... thank you for the memory.

Ann Roth said...

Wow, Cryna. Couldn't you look at your ring finger and know that side's the left? :-) Maybe a GPS is not for you!! You'd probably toss her out the window or she'd be recalculating ad nauseum. :)

Thanks for the grins.

Dina said...

I was told that these are great, but I don't do on alot of road trips anymore, so for me, it's not worth it.

Ann Roth said...

I use it in the city, too. Seattle and the greater area beyond can be confusing ... Anyway, I'm glad my hubby bought her for me. Warts and all, I'm keeping her. ;-)