Thursday, March 06, 2008

My 360 Degree Vantage Point - Michelle Monkou

I saw the movie Vantage Point and absolutely loved it. The storyline in a linear method would not have been terribly interesting, however looking at things through everyone's eyes held special appeal and suspense.

Today, I'm going to tweak that with highlights of my vantage point in my world around me. There's no reasoning behind the way that I'll reveal my personal A-ha moments. These are the random firings of my mind.
  • Sold two books to Kimani Romance that continue my Ladies of Distinction series. They will be out in February and September 2009. The first is due to the editor by May 7.

  • I finally saw the movie Michael Clayton and absolutely loved this cerebral thriller. The understated suspense, innuendos, and characters' arcs were fantastic. I'm a movie nut and own quite a vast collection of movies. I tend to play movies in the background as I write.

  • Very rarely do I eat to the point of gluttony. But I surely went to that point when I went to a restaurant in Houston, TX called Jaspers. Chefs Kent and Kevin Rathbun defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef season premiere 2/25/08. I ordered Crispy Calamari, and also sampled someone's Salt Crusted Rock Shrimp. Ordered Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs with Potato Salad and Bourbon Cream Corn (You can request for your order to be split, but my portion still looked like a full meal). I sampled someone's Delmonio Prime Rib- OMG!!! It melted in your mouth. Thank goodness for elastic waistbands.

  • I came home from a trip and my husband had cleaned the family room that had once looked like a police raid had occurred. Let the choir sing - Hallelujah!!

  • Then, because I don't have enough to do, I declared my intent to run for Romance Writers of America's (RWA) president-elect position later this year. I've got my headache and antacid medicines ready and waiting. But I think a box of chocolates and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies should do the rest of the trick.

  • Thanks to Leena Hyat, owner of this Sound Relations and this wonderful blog, a line up of publicity is due to be rolled out for my April release - No One But You and Gamble On Love (October 2008).

And now back to the regular programming of life, family, and writing. Got to make that deadline.

See ya later.

Michelle Monkou


Maureen said...

Best of luck with everything Michelle!

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Michelle,

I live in Houston and I've heard
about Jasper's but haven't had a
chance to try them as yet. Really that good, huh?

Good luck with all your projects!

Pat Cochran

Michelle Monkou said...

Thanks, Maureen.

Yep, Pat. It's that good. Maybe pricey for Houston standards, at least that's what my friends thought, but they seemed to be what I would have paid in Maryland.


Estella said...

Good luck with your projects!

Julie Hurwitz said...

As the person who shared Michelle's meal -- I totally agree that my portion looked like an entire meal. But every bite was stupendous. We just kept oohing and aahing.

And then to have Michelle declare she's going to run simply made my weekend. :)


Gigi said...

Hi Michelle,
I haven't seen Vantage Point or Michael Clayton yet. I have heard they were good. I will probably wait for them to come out on DVD.
I have had one too many movies ruined with people kicking my seat.

Congrats on the new books coming out .

A Big Woo Hoo for the hubby putting the family room to rights.

Gest of luck to you and everything you are involved in right now.

Stephanie Feagan said...

I don't consider myself a true foodie - I just love me some awesome food, and Jaspers was some kinda awesome! Although I suspect the company may have added to the experience to some degree. :)

Michelle, you will be a superb President for RWA. You're well reasoned, bright, intelligent, well-spoken and a natural born leader. I can't tell you how excited I am that you're going to run! Well, I could tell you, but it'd maybe sound gushy and weird. HaHa!

Congratulations on new sales! And by the way, that book cover rocks.


Shelia said...

Michelle, I love the new book cover. I'm looking forward to your new books.

Michelle Monkou said...


From one author to another - we're going to do our thing.

Thanks for stopping by.


Michelle Monkou said...

Stef and Julie

It's been a blast getting to know you around that board table...bars...and restaurants. I appreciate your confidence and support as I head toward elections.


Madeline said...

Good Luck with RWA. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
I'd like to know where you found your hubby? Mine thinks that anything to do with the house is womens work. I'd give my right arm, just to have him do the dishes. Cleaning a room might merit both arms.

Michelle Monkou said...


That's why I was so darn shocked. And I've noticed that when he cleans, he's on everyone's case to keep it clean. However, when I clean, there seems to be a short expiration date. - LOL