Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cover Story - Christina Hollis

I was so excited when my first Mills and Boon Modern Romance The Italian Billionaire’s Virgin was accepted for publication, I thought life couldn’t get any better. Then I saw the cover art for the UK edition. The guy chosen to pose as alpha male Antonio was the image of my husband when we met on a blind date, twenty-six years ago. Apart from becoming more distinguished with time (ie: getting grey hair) my oh hasn’t changed a bit. Sadly I never looked anything like the ‘Rissa’ that cover art ‘Antonio’ is romancing in their picture, so perhaps we’d better move on, and fast!

In recent months, other editions of my first book have appeared. So far, all have had the same cover. But this week I got the French translation. It has different artwork but is equally lovely. My husband’s lookalike has been deposed, but a new stunner has taken his place. As a bonus there’s a tempting glimpse of Tuscan architecture and some Fiorentina irises, too. It makes summer holidays seem such a long way away! We’ve recently had a spell of below zero nights here, so images of sun-drenched Italy exert a powerful pull right now. I have plenty of postcards and photos of exotic locations pinned up around my office to get me in the writing mood, and this latest cover is going to join them.

What do you use to kick-start your imagination? I’ll send a copy of my latest release, One Night In His Bed, to the comment Jynx the cat picks out in time-honoured fashion. That is, if I can prise him off the windowsill long enough to do it for me. Though I’ve never known him catch a bird (he’s a dedicated night hunter) he loves to doze inside the house all day where he can keep a half-open eye on the bird tables outside the window. It must be the feline equivalent of late-night TV!



Virginia said...

Seeing a talk dark handsome man with his shirt unbuttoned about half way. This kicks off my imagination. This is a bad thing for an old lady to say! What can I say I'm old but I still like to look.

Cherie J said...

Years ago when used to write poetry as a young adult I found nature very inspiring. Alot of times on weekends we would go up into the mountains and the view would get my creative juices flowing.

deseng said...

Hi Christina,

O.k. this might be weird but to kick start my creativity I like to eat something crunchy like Chex Mix preferably the sweet-n-salty one. Yum! Don't know what it is about chewing something that tasty while I am writing but it really helps! Also, I have to have my favorite pop nearby which is diet cherry coke. Double Yum!

Oh and if I am really stuck on what to say, I will get up, walk around, talk to my hubby, chat up a storm, open & close the refrigerator door half a dozen times and then go back and sit down and write. Inspiration always flies after that little break! Ha, ha! It sure is funny what strikes the creative juices to flow!

Now if I am really stuck on what to say, nothing seems to work or come out right, I usually just quit for the day. I then take it up the next day. It seems like sometimes I just need a good rest.

Michele L.

Pat Cochran said...

I wrote a area news column for a
neighborhood paper for eight years, so my writing is somewhat different from yours. Yet, I, too would hit
the wall on occasion. Getting away from the project, taking a break
would give me the renewal I needed.

Pat Cochran

robynl said...

A good glass of Iced Tea, a comfortable chair and lovely soft music(Nature music works)in the background sure helps give me a kickstart.
In summer, with the above, and sitting in our screened tent on the swing does the job.

christina said...

What a great selection - it just goes to show inspiration is everywhere! Bringing all the senses into play such as looking at something beautiful (;), Virginia, I've been there myself!) something comforting to eat/drink or some beautiful music always works wonders.

Jane said...

I would need a good dose of caffeine and food to kick start my imagination.

christina said...

I've drunk tea all my life but my sister has recently introduced me to Fairtrade coffee from Machu Picchu - one way to get high, I suppose!

Estella said...

All I have to do is look out the window at nature to be inspired!

Gigi said...

Usually a good romantic movie and
chocolate get my imagination going. Also a long walk gives me time to think.