Sunday, March 02, 2008

All things Mediterranean - Katherine Garbera

This month I'm celebrating the release of The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman. It's a book that is set mainly in Madrid. I have long had a love affair with Spain and to be honest all of the Mediterranean. I love their food, their look, and their outlook on life.

A couple of year's ago I read a book called French Woman Don't Get Fat. Have any of you read it? It's not a diet book or even an exercise book. It's a book on lifestyle. And its that lifestyle that I love. The way they embrace the changes in every season and their outwardly laid-back pace of life.

I think because I'm Italian American maybe it appeals to me. I've always enjoyed a slower pace in my daily routine. I take a 30 minute nap every afternoon. I have always been at home with my dark curly hair and my curves. I enjoy at least one glass of wine each evening and never skip dessert.

Is there a region or area of the world that suits you and your lifestyle?



anne said...

I am in love with Italy. The history, culture, culinary delights and the charming towns and villages. Yes, the Mediterranean scenery, climate and outlook are what I appreciate. Being small, dark hair and olive complexion may have something to do with it also.

Gigi said...

I also love Italy.
I fell in love with it when I watched Under the Tuscan Sun.
I wish I could slow down. It just seems that if I do slow down I have to pull double duty to catch up.

Jane said...

Hmm, Italy would definitely be a great place to live. I'm a city person, so I would have to live a big city. I like London and San Francisco.

Maureen said...

How about Spain where I could take a Siesta every day.