Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I Know For Sure About Love - Michelle Monkou

The Washington Post contacted me to write a short article for their Weekend section on what I knew for sure about love. The turnaround time was tight and I quickly wrote the article below. Then after I turned it in, the focus had changed and instead, they wanted me to finish the beginning of sentences about what love means.

My "abandoned" Piece:

Vibrant. Tenacious. Defiant. All these personable qualities describe love as an actual breathing, living organism. Love should not be considered any different from a person who needs attention, nourishment, boundaries, and maintenance to be healthy and well-rounded.

My expertise does not come from four years in a baccalaureate program or hosting a TV Talk show on the science of love. Lessons learned started in 1983, as a freshman, at University of Maryland, Eastern Shore where I met my husband, an upperclassman. The journey continues as we approach our 18th wedding anniversary this year. Two children, and a cat, later, I consider myself well past the PhD level.

Love thrives with lots of laughter. Luckily my sardonic, wry sense of humor is enhanced by my husband’s equally irreverent style. We are not to be seated together for serious occasions like weddings, church sermons, seminars, and yes, even funerals. And yet, I hate attending any social event without him where we can play thumb war under the table, I erupt into giggles because he tickled me, or I look into his eyes and know that he is about to say something quite silly.

Like our aging waistlines, love expands exponentially to wrap around our family unit. Real life enters after the honeymoon, bringing in the highs and lows. We learn that differences in each other are not to be condemned or excluded. Compromise fills any potholes creating a smoother, reinforced path. I hope that my children will take these lessons learned from our love to chart their own lives.

Since I cannot control that aspect of their lives, although being an overbearing mother-in-law does bring a grin, I craft stories about this amorphous thing called love. Published under Harlequin’s Kimani Romance, and ten books later, the fascination and addiction to romance do not lessen. Love in its courtship phase never gets old. Characters from my books like Sweet Surrender, Straight To The Heart, and upcoming release No One But You focus on acceptance and love for themselves before free falling into love with their soul mates, just like I did.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Michelle Monkou


Pat Cochran said...

"Congratulations" to you and your
Dear Husband on your upcoming 18th

Pat Cochran

Cryna said...

I read both of your articles and think you are so on target with both of them, and yet you have set it out in a clear way.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Shelia said...

Michelle, you're an inspiration to me. I can never get tired of reading about "love" and I enjoyed both your article and blog post. I look forward to reading the rest of your books.

Dina said...

Hope you had a great Vday and congrats on your anniversary.