Friday, February 08, 2008

Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta! - Yvonne Lindsay

I really enjoy summer time (when it's not too hot and sticky) and I love being on the water, so what better time of year to write about than that? And I figure, since most of my readers are probably suffering in the throes of a chilly winter about now, that reading about summer time and summer pursuits is just about the level of escapism they'd be craving.

In TYCOON'S VALENTINE VENDETTA, my February Silhouette Desire release, I not only got to live vicariously through my characters as they live in their sumptuous beachfront dwellings but I also got to cruise the beautiful coastline in a luxurious 46 foot power boat, visit a secluded beach, go snorkelling for scallops and...well, you'll just have to read the book to see the rest won't you?

TYCOON'S VALENTINE VENDETTA is a reunion story between Jack Dolan and Lily Fontaine. When I first started this book, many years ago, it was in a different incarnation entirely. Jack's name was different and he had been the one to leave my fictional coastal town of Onemata to travel the world and make his fortune, leaving Lily behind. When I revisited this unfinished story, with a view to submitting a proposal to my editor, I decided the story would have far more impact if it had been Lily who'd left and was now, ten years later, forced to return due to a miserable down turn in her circumstances.

Here's the back cover blurb:

A dish best served hot
For take-no-prisoners tycoon Jack Dolan there was nothing more delicious than payback. Ten years after his passionate nights with Lily Fontaine—and the Fontaines' fatal betrayal of Jack's family—bitterness still fueled his success. Now he was this close to destroying the Fontaine empire and ultimate victory. Luring Lily back to his bed was the master stroke in his revenge plot; having the socialite bear him the child he'd long been denied would be a just desert.

I hope to get an excerpt of TYCOON'S VALENTINE VENDETTA up on my website soon, but in the meantime you can catch a glimpse here.

What's your favourite time of year to read about?

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Karen H in NC said...

I don't normally get to enthusiastic about seasonal themed books, but most of those I have are anthologies themed to hristmas and a few for Valentine's Day.

Jane said...

I like books set during summer and Christmas because of the festive holiday spirit.

Estella said...

I like summer and fall settings.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Yvonne,

Christmas tops the seasonal list for
me. I love Christmas and angels and
children!! I'm looking forward to
reading about this particular

Pat Cochran

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Karen, I know what you mean. I've never specifically bought a book because of the season it represents but funnily enough my first book was a Christmas themed story!

Jane, yes, that festive holiday spirit is a draw card. Thinking back on the Christmas books I've read there's a little touch of magic in the season, isn't there? Of course, in New Zealand it's usually hot and humid summertime at Christmas but we still tend to go all out for the big Christmas dinner.

Estella, fall (or as we call it, autumn) is my absolute favourite time of year. The evenings are lovely and cool and the days are still warm. For some reason the blue of the sky is just that touch bluer and more beautiful at that time of year. And then there are all the colours in the garden and countryside. Ah, I could go on for ages! LOL!

Hi Pat! Ah, Christmas angels, that puts me in mind of Debbie Macomber's Christmas Angels. I love those books. I hope you enjoy Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta!

Annie West said...

Hi Yvonne,

I don't recall reading a Valentine's Day romance. Looking forward to this one. Smiling here at the joys of your research!


Cryna said...

Hi Yvonne

I really can't say I have a favourite time of the year to read about. But when I got thinking about it I realized that when we head into the Christmas time, I usually am reading books about Christmas. Although I think I mostly read without picking a theme in mind just that the books that come out are set around certain times of the year. You know when the winds are howling like they are right now, and it is so cold out and snowing - it is so nice to escape to a warmer place - in your reading.

Virginia said...

I don't think time of the year makes that much differents as long as the book is well writen. I do enjoy books based aroung the holidays.

Ellen said...

If I have to pick a season in which books are set it would be winter. Actually I just love reading no matter when they are set.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey Yvonne, great post! I think that's one of the joys of being a writer. You get to live many different lives and still get home for supper ;-)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Hey, Annie! Ah yes, the things we do in the name of research ;-)

Cryna, you put a shiver up my spine when you mentioned howling winds. The only wind we had trouble with lately was a byproduct of Cyclone Funa while we were camping and it was still about 24 deg C at night! Very uncomfortable. I don't know what it is about wind but it always sets me on edge.

Virginia, thank goodness the publishers love putting books out around the holiday periods. I know when I wrote my Christmas book I thought that if it sold I'd be guaranteed a Christmas publishing slot. It did, and I was!

Ellen, there's something about winter, I think, that makes you more vulnerable in many respects. Plus, you have the whole 'isolation' risk that the weather brings. Lots of fun for a writer, that's for sure. I love 'stranded' stories.

Anna! Hi there! I'm with you on the many lives and being home for supper. Now if I could just get someone to cook it for me every night the world would be a better place, LOL!

Lois said...

Oh, time of year, I'll take any -- but arguably I'd have to go with Christmas since I do activelylook for Christmas books starting in October and have vastly more of those. Guess there just isn't a whole lot of other types out there! :)