Friday, February 29, 2008

The Side Benefits by Bronwyn Jameson

Initially I had a different idea for this blog. Being February 29, a once-every-four-years date, I was going to use that as a theme. Now, my mind has a way of taking circuitous routes and many detours before arriving at its destination...or an alternate destination, which is what happened today.

While driving to town I started thinking about today and leap years and I remembered another February, another leap year eight years ago, when I sold my first book. From there my mind took a leisurely detour through the intervening years and I was reminded of how much I've done in this eight years and how much is due to my romance writing. The travel for conferences, the detours I've taken on those trips, the research experiences, the people I've met, my personal growth and change that's empowered me to do things and make decisions I would not have done ten years ago.

And that is how I arrived at this alternate topic for my blog:

10 things I would not have done if I hadn't sold that first (and subsequent) books.

1. Seen New Orleans, New York, Reno and Atlanta on trips to RWA conferences, with stopovers in Toronto, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles. Nor would I have gotten to frock up and enjoy the conference parties with remarkable women such as these down-under authors.

2. Visited my sister-in-law and her family in Alberta, Canada, on one of those trips.

3. Driven a red convertible on the "wrong" side of the road in Nevada (we're from Australia, y'know)...and along the Vegas strip.

4. Biked across the Golden Gate Bridge (the skirt was a mistake, BTW.)

5. Slept under the most brilliant, magical night sky on an Outback camping safari.

6. Experienced the immense pride of seeing my books up on the big screen at the RWA Awards night.

7. Gone to the opera (holy cow, the opera!), to see La Boheme at the Sydney Opera House.

8. Thrown caution (and the budget) to the wind in hosting a fully catered 21st birthday party for son #1 (it was fabulous!)

9. Suggested that my husband throw caution (and budget) to the wind and buy himself a horse (she is fabulous!)

10. Met the most amazing women in fellow lovers of romance novels, and made the best, funniest, smartest, most empathetic friends a woman could have.

Bronwyn's next release TYCOON'S ONE-NIGHT REVENGE is available tomorrow as a print and ebook from eHarlequin and from other stores in April. This is a spin-off to Bronwyn's RITA-finalist The Ruthless Groom. If you enjoyed The Princes of the Outback then don't miss out on Susannah's story.


Donna Alward said...

Bron - WHERE in Alberta!??? :-) That's where I am.

And I know what you mean. The people you meet....places you go...I made my first trip overseas and went to London all alone last fall. SO amazing. And I love the people I meet doing "research" - a sniper, a US Marshal, a winery owner - just to name a few. It's SO interesting.

Great post!

Gigi said...

Hi Bron,
It has been a while since I have run into you, so to speak.

I have still have your first books in my keeper bin.

Ali still has the pewter Volkswagon bug bank we won for helping you name the car.

I can only imagine what kind of changes happen when you succeed in the writing business. Parties, travel and meeting all kinds of different people in the business.

Oh, how I envy you.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

deseng said...

Hi Bronwyn,

Love your books! I love to travel also. That would be amazing researching different areas for your books. What a fun job!

Michele L.

Karen H in NC said...

WOW! Such wonderful places you have visited. My 'someday' travel wish is to visit Australia...maybe someday!

Cryna said...

What a great post. The things you have done are amazing. I too wondered where in Alberta when I read you had been here. Like Donna I am in Alberta - in fact we are both in the same City - (or we were unless she has moved).... I would love to one day go to Australia and New Zealand, one of the many places I would love to tour, so we shall see.

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Donna, my sis-in-law (on the other bike in the SF pic) lives near Lethbridge. She and her dh took me on a wonderful mini-tour to Calgary and Lake Louise and Jasper. I LOVE your state!

Gigi, I remember you and I am so chuffed to be on yr keeper shelf. Your words are golden and the part of this journey that I didn't articulate in my list. The readers mail, the enjoyment my books might have brought to readers, the glimpses into your lives. It's so cool to run into you again and to be reminded of Kree's bug!


Bronwyn Jameson said...

Michele, Karen, Cryna, I would not have travelled if not for this job as a writer and I've discovered that I LOVE travel, new places, new people. I hope you all get the chance to pursue your travel dreams. Australia and New Zealand both have so many unique and beautiful spots and as for the people, we are tops! *g*


Jane said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Did you enjoy New York? I hope you came when the weather was nice. It's cold here today. What sights did you see?

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Jane, loved, loved, loved New York. We were there mid-July 2003 and it wasn't TOO hot. As for the sights, we mostly walked around getting a feel for the various neighbourhoods. We did go up the Empire State Building, visited Ground Zero, took the Staten Island Ferry to see the statue and the Manhattan skyline, saw some of Central Park. Oh, and we visited all the big stores, natch, because that's part of the city. I loved seeing all the locations from TV shows and movies and books I've loved -- NYC has so many of those.


(PS: if you're the Jane who visits my blog, do check out today's post.)

Pat Cochran said...

Hello, Bronwyn,

I must tell you that you are part
of a problem from which I am
suffering at the present time. I
am participating in the DDU series
& just finished reading "Vows And
A Vengeful Groom" and "Pride & A
Pregnancy Secret." My problem is
in having to wait for the next
book in the series! I want to
read them all at once! Oh, well,
I guess I will just have to wait!
Take care, I'll see you at the
DDU blog site!

Pat Cochran