Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Loretta Chase Rules by Megan Crane

I just discovered Loretta Chase.

I mean, I had heard of her, of course. But I'd never gotten around to reading her, despite the numerous recommendations I'd received. You can lead a horse to water, or me to a good book, but you can't make me read it.

Then Jane Porter sent me a copy of Mr. Impossible, I picked it up to glance at the first page, and that was that.

If you haven't discovered Loretta Chase already, you must be living under the same rock that I've been using for shelter. And this is an excellent book to jump in with, I promise.

The delectable Rupert Carsington, who will be the first to tell you how stupid he is, and yet of course is no such thing. The remarkably brainy Daphne, who needs a great dumb ox but instead gets Rupert, all maddening attraction and carefree chatter with a brain to match beneath. Throw them together in Egypt of all places and the result is something like Indiana Jones with far more sexual anticipation and a fantastic female protagonist. Not to mention the glorious, witty writing.

I've already gulped down another book in the Carsington series, and have the rest on order. So will you!


Jane said...

Ah, the Carsington brothers, they're hot. My favorite is Benedict from "Lord Perfect."

Estella said...

I have been under the same rock as you. Have never read Chase.

Megan Crane said...

I just finished "Lord Perfect" last night. I have to say, I love both Benedict and Rupert at this point. And there are two more!

Estella: She's FANTASTIC. You should read her just to be in awe of how she wields the English language. The great stories are just icing!

Cryna said...

I have not read anything from Loretta Chase either. So I must be hiding under a rock here in Canada as well.....Thanks for drawing our attention to her.

Pat Cochran said...

I'm having trouble under my rock
down here in Texas! Someone keeps
trying to get underneath and I
never have liked sharing! Guess
I'll head for the bookshop so I
can get back into my home and
enjoy a Chase novel!

Pat Cochran

Jasmine Haynes said...

Oh yes, Mr. Impossible! Loretta Chase is masterful! Lord Perfect and Miss Wonderful are absolutely wonderful and perfect, too. I heartily agree, Megan, for anyone living under a rock, get out from under it and find a Loretta Chase novel to indulge in!

Jasmine Haynes

Maureen said...

She is one of my favorite authors. I am looking forward to her new book but it will be months.

Lois said...

I read that one, but it's been a while so I don't remember it. LOL :) But I sure loved that cover, alright! :) It's mighty nice seeing it again. ;)