Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rainy weather - Nancy Warren

November is pretty rainy in the pacific northwest, but we do grow some gorgeous big cedar trees. However, I had the opportunity this month to travel to Florida where they don't grow much of a cedar. Nice palms though.

Nice weather. Nice, nice weather. I was in Boca Raton to spend a day at Office Depot headquarters. What, you might ask, does Office Depot have to do with romance? Office Depot sponsors NASCAR driver Carl Edwards and Carl appears in my November NASCAR themed Harlequin novel, Turn Two. I was on hand to autograph books and made some new friends, including Charles Weismeyer, pictured here, who was kind enough to send me this photo. Charlie and I are agreed that we make a very cute couple ;-) I had a great day, met some wonderful people and ended my trip with some downtime with my good friend, fellow author, Karen Kendall. Karen toured me around the Fort Lauderdale area and somehow we found ourselves either shopping or eating ;-) A truly memorable time with one of the kindest and funniest women I know.

I'm back enjoying the rain. There's a lot to love about rain. Really. We support the umbrella, raincoat and gumboot industries. Rain keeps the skin youthful, we never run out of drinking water, and those cedars really are something, aren't they...?

Oh, one more thing before I forget is that I only run contests once in a while but I've got one on for the next couple of weeks that's fabulous. If you come over to my site, you can enter to win the entire 16 book NASCAR Harlequin series from 2007. I had the launch book in February (Speed Dating) and Turn Two is the last book in the series for this year. So drop by and sign up. I've really loved the stories.

Happy Reading,

Nancy Warren


Lori Borrill said...

Nancy, I grew up in Oregon but have lived in Northern California for a couple decades now. I still miss the rain and snow! I actually get grumpy if we have too many nice sunny days here in the winter.

I think it's some sort of environmental virus I picked up as a child and never shook.

Congrats on the Nascar series. It seems to be doing very well and it sounds like you're having a ton of fun with it!

Estella said...

I live in Oregon and I agree with you, Nancy!

Lily said...

WOW... that is what I call a contest!

readingissomuchfun said...

WoW! What an awesome giveaway. Every readers dream come true. Please count me in. I just signed up.


deseng said...

Woohoo! What a thrilling contest! I hope I drive away with the prize. Oops! Couldn't help myself!

Anyhoo, we are having a snow storm here with sleet mixed in. I live in Northern Indiana close to Lake Michigan. I do like snow but hate when it mixes with sleet to cause icy driving conditions. I went home from work early today because it was getting so bad out.